What are the benefits of Advertising?

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Re: Does advertising has a great impact??

#1 Postby vish1990 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:36 pm

A Big "Yes"..... Don't buy my opinion. Just have look of first 4 pages of last weeks news paper and then the sale recorded by Amazon, Flipkart and many others e-commerce companies.

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Re: Does advertising has a great impact??

#2 Postby Kalpit » Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:33 pm

Definitely yes ..for a new launch of product or reminder .. but on long run only Quality of the product remains for long

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Re: Does advertising has a great impact??

#3 Postby Anupriya1 » Tue May 26, 2015 5:24 pm

Advertisements help a company grow. They help in improving the sales figures, the brand image, the popularity of the product. It helps to reach masses and that is what creates an impact. In a world with no advertisements, we would be unaware of more than half the products in the market. Advertisements are informative and helps the general masses know about the product. With digital marketing taking a rise, it has surely given advertisers a platform and opportunity to create an even better impact.

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Re: Does advertising has a great impact??

#4 Postby sampritiimtn » Tue May 26, 2015 8:06 am

Sure does, there has been instances where companies have seen huge leaps in sales figures due to the amazing ads their PR people succeed in making.
Advertising is about telling the world what you have to oferr and why is it the best , you think your customer can lay their hands on.
Ads that do it right are great ads.
We all remember the butter girl of amul. Though ages old i am sure nobody has ever forgotten the"dil maange more" of pepsi. That is the power of great ads. Ads should be capable of: conveying a clear message about what the product is that the brand is offering, it should send the message very clearly to it's customers.
Its advisably better to not overdo an ad. less is best when it comes to ad making.
then comes the USP-unique selling proposition. the brand should make sure that the USP is in place and that the ad should directly or indirectly yet strongly, talk about the USP of the prouduct.
Now the value proposition, which is commonly known as tagline or catch phrase is another important factor to be considered.
Its absolutely important for the value proposition to align with the features of the product. Anything out of anywhere doesn't make a good value proposition.
so yes, a good ad makes a lot of impact.

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Re: Does advertising has a great impact??

#5 Postby archanaimtn » Sat May 23, 2015 6:06 pm

Definitely. Advertising your product is what gets you customers. It actually tells the mass about your product and this is the reason why companies are spending a fortune to advertise their products.

Advertisements do have an impact on everybody. Nobody has forgotten the Amul Girl, or the old Dairlmilk ads, or the ones with a catch slogan ,which were aired decades ago. People remember it even now. This is the impact they have on us.
Considering today's era, what creates an impact in the advertising world is engaging people. The more you involve them, the more they will know about your product and this will open more prospects for you. With the popularity of digital marketing soaring high, using that platform to advertise is the new mantra today. Combining all of these, and advertising in a way such that your brand carves a memory in people's mind is what creates an impact.

Advertising is a tool in the hands of the marketers which when used effectively can bring you big returns. It van help you get new customers and even help in retain the old ones. It helps in creating a Brand Image. Therefore, definitely advertising creates a great impact; on the people and for the company.

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Re: Does advertising has a great impact??

#6 Postby shalini1792 » Thu May 29, 2014 10:21 am

Advertising is the arm of marketing concerned with sending messages to customers via traditionally one-way communication media. Advertisements can be created to appeal to a mass audience or a select target niche. Advertising can have a significant impact on the success of small and large businesses alike, and a sizable industry exists specifically to conceptualize, create and distribute advertisements. Advertising strategies serve a variety of purposes. For new companies, brands or products, ads can serve to inform customers about the new product and stimulate interest in the marketplace. For existing players, ads can remind customers of the product's value, suggest new uses for the product or encourage repeat purchases through promotions. As a general trend, personalized advertisements are gaining popularity for a wide range of products and services. Intelligent ad placement mechanisms, such as Google's AdWords and Facebook ads, ensure that ads are viewed by the right people, maximizing the efficiency of advertising expenses. Advertisements sent to email and cellular phones can also be highly personalized, sending the viewers ads that for products complementary to things they have recently purchased.

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Re: Does advertising has a great impact??

#7 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Wed May 28, 2014 10:04 am

Does advertising have a great impact?
Yes advertising has great impact on customers. Like company make advertisement on their product, and they promote through TV channels and they conduct camping’s, then customers watch those advertisements and campaigns they will purchase product, they will check quality and quantity and price of the product, once they like the product, they will purchase again and again. Moreover advertisement should reach the customers they should attract customers with their tag line. In the present situations conducting campaigns and promoting the product through social media network shows greater impact on customers rather than doing through print media and electronic media.

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What are the benefits of Advertising?

#8 Postby Priya16 » Tue May 27, 2014 10:38 am

There are many benefits of advertising for any business. Advertising helps in growth of any business. Advantages of advertising includes introduce new product in market, fights competition, increase sales, introduce better quality product in market. Advertising is one of the different ways marketing. With the changing trends in the economy, is it that advertising does not create impact on the consumers. I do not agree with this. Advertising helps in attracting a large number of audience. They create a huge impact. Advertisements on televisions help in making the consumer aware about the product. So, the next time when the consumer goes to super market and when he sees the product there, he recalls the advertisement and buy the product for trial purpose. And when he likes the product, he will buy that again and again. Advertisements creates the urge to buy the product. As advertising is one of the ways of marketing, its main motto is to get noticed. Now also, advertisements of different products are showcased and with good and catchy punch lines. The consumer sometimes remember the product with the punch lines. Advertising is one of the best ways of marketing, and should be carried to create huge impact on the consumers.
Benefits of advertising are summarized as follows:-

Introduce new product in market:-
It helps in introducing in new product in market. So whenever you are going to launch new product in market, you must prepare your advertising plan first.

Brand Building:-
Advertising helps in brand building. It can establish new brand in market. Advertising creates positive brand image among customers and make your brand popular among targeted customers.

Return on Investment:-
It causes expenditure which is basically return on investment.

Profit Generation:- Advertising is great way to generate huge profit in short duration if done in right way. There are various modes of advertising that can be opted as per brand requirements. Various modes of advertising includes radio, print, traditional media, online advertising.

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