Marketing and IT.

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Marketing and IT.

#1 Postby sampritiimtn » Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:44 am

Marketing without IT is almost impossible these days. Every step in business is dangerously synchronized with systems. Right from locating your customer base, to conducting the market research, to developing strategies for your business, to promotions, ads and everything else around is deliberately dependent on systems.
There are different types of systems, that help your system develop a competitive edge like the Strategic information System.
The Strategic Information System is any system that gives your business a competitive advantage over others.
For example: Jet Blue Airlines use Open Skies Software for their day to day operations. Right from ticket reservations to checking passengers in to managing the cabin crew, everything is governed by the software. According to them, 'Open Skies' is as important to them as is fuel for their aircrafts.
Then there is the Management Information System: This system helps in the daily transactions of the business. Often it so happens that the information the sales department collects is needed by the HR department for better decision making or for managing hum an resources. The MIS provides for this accessibility to information across all departments.
Now for the Decision Support System: This is the system that helps in decision making of the business. Designing strategies, making decisions during a crisis, disaster management techniques are some of the concepts that make up the decision support system.

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