TV ads - Does it really work?

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Re: TV ads - Does it really work?

#1 Postby sampritiimtn » Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:00 pm

Tv Ads help a lot in generating leads. It is the best platform to reach out to the mass. Tv Ads are meant for people of all ages, religion, culture and geography.
Tv Ads are extremely important for announcing the launch of a new product.
Tv Ads are also a source of revenue for the publishers.
They also help in promoting ideas, events and programmes.
It also helps to increase sales.
Not only this, tv ads also help to increase the revenue for the advertiser.
Consumers are also made aware with the help of advertisemnets.
It is also a form of educating the society.
Tv ads help in building a brand image. A good ad helps people identify the brand.
Tv ads also generate employment.

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Re: TV ads - Does it really work?

#2 Postby archanaimtn » Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:57 pm

Although social networking has gained a lot of popularity, Television ads have still kept their position rooted. People are still engaged with televisions, specially the housewives. In rural areas, where internet and online marketing is not a huge success, televisions are the major source of advertisements. Television advertisements also have the capability of appealing through various mediums like texts, images motions and sound effects thereby adding more entertainment factor. With cable operators, advertisers can narrowly target particular segment of people. Therefore, televisions advertisements have a lot of positive points.

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Re: TV ads - Does it really work?

#3 Postby vitaj » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:30 am

Yes, TV ads doe really work. They tell the consumers the different products and services available in the market. Though it is a different issue that all there claims might not be true. They help consumers become aware about different products. In fact it is advertisements that first bring a product closer to a consumer. Also, advertisements helps consumers to form preference towards products. Advertisements when used correctly with any other source like Word of Marketing, Viral Marketing will provide good results.

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TV ads - Does it really work?

#4 Postby shemeem577cms » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:20 pm

In this era of 'Information Overload', we are bombarded with information which may or may not be useful to us. But the question is, do we actually make use of the data or information we get on a day to day basis?

Lets think of TV ads.... First of all how many of us watch TV? Out of the total number of people who watch TV, how many actually see and draw inferences from the ads?? when there is a 5 minute break in between a TV programme, there will be 'n' number of ads, which gives us loads of information.

Advertisers put a lot of effort in putting together a 30 sec or 60 sec ad. Each and every second in an ad is well planned. Each and every object, colour, music, etc etc what we see in an ad has a purpose. Above all, TV ads are very costly. When companies invest a substantial portion of their resources on an ad, it becomes useless if it does not create an impact on the target audience.

Therefore, selecting the media for advertising is a very complex task which should be dealt with seriously. Advertisers should think of ways in which their message creates an impact on the target groups which in turn leads to achievement of their advertising objectives, which may be growth in sales, awareness, loyalty etc.

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