The Code of Management!!

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The Code of Management!!

#1 Postby Priya16 » Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:14 am

Everyone knows how to manage things and work. But, there are some secrets codes which will help you to work more effectively and efficiently!!

1. The first rule of management is that things can always be better. You better plan, better run and then its executes also better. If you don’t work on continuous improvement, then the next person will do that. A great leader will always be looking to the future by tinkering with the present. You cannot be afraid of failed ideas, because failed ideas make up the foundation of great success.

2. The second rule of management is that you will have to lead diverse teams of good individuals and also motivate them. For effective motivation you need to understand your team members and understand them individually, so that you can motivate every individual differently as all individuals are not the same.

3. Don't be a disconnected leader. Otherwise, there is no need for a leader. Always build relations with your operations team, management teams etc. Moreover, if you find any opportunity grab that opportunity, roll up your sleeves and work towards it.

4. Always be aware about the new things happening around new. Spy things around you. New techniques, new methods of marketing etc. which will help you in building your organisation.

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