Mothers Day 2013 is it a Marketing gimmick?

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Re: Mothers Day 2013 is it a Marketing gimmick?

#1 Postby KaranL » Sat May 11, 2013 9:44 am

In today's world, we see marketing every where.. No matter we live in such a country, where in the early morning children use to start their day by touching their parents feet, even in that country.. Companies like Archies and Hallmark have made their strong presence by making us buy, their expensive cards and gifts to gift to our mother on Mother's Day..

This definitely shows how much we are affected by western culture and the benefit of same is taken by the top E-commerce sites and by other business units..

In my opinion, Mother needs care and attention more then these cards and gifts & this should not be her need but this should be duty of every individual as she is the one, the reason behind which we exist if she would not have been there by no way we would have come in this life..

Along with this, if one wish to give something to his mother, then one should give his time as now-a -days, time is the only thing which mother wishes to have from his Child ..

Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers

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Mothers Day 2013 is it a Marketing gimmick?

#2 Postby archit » Fri May 10, 2013 3:01 pm

Undoubtedly any individual has highest regards for creator of life "Mother" but do we need a special day in calender to celebrate it and show how much we love our mother or is it just a marketing gimmick created by companies.

With online shopping capturing lot of share of pocket for youths today Mothers day 2013 is viral on net and all top E commerce site are advertising heavily and trying to mint this opportunity.

Does mother need your gifts or she need your care and attention???

Your thoughts and comments are Welcome.....

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