Mother's day: A business Gimmick

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Mother's day: A business Gimmick

#1 Postby Rahul38341 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:53 pm

This is an era of intense competition .There are quite a good number of players present in each industry, offering different or similar services. In many of the cases, the products are almost similar & the difference lies only in positioning. For example: pepsico & coca-cola differs almost similar products, but the difference lies on positioning.e. on how many occasions, in how many situations, they can force the people to consume there products. They just not sell the “sweetened carbonated water”, they sell the feelings.
Same is the case with occasions like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentines day etc. Different companies from different sectors try to market their products to the consumers on these days, by presenting the products in such a way, that are perceived as to have been respecting their feelings & earn profit in the process.
So, it can be said that occasions like Mother’s day are surely a Business gimmick for the business houses.

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