Marketing Succes : Keep it Real

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Marketing Succes : Keep it Real

#1 Postby Shivani » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:35 pm

Everyone knows marketing has become an eternal part of each & every organization, whether its a small entity or a big brand..every business needs marketing to sustain in the market.As the world is blending and many of us are exposed to new cultures from all parts of the world, so, as marketers also we need to reach different cultures to maintain and grow market share.

So to give the marketing best shot, keep it simple & REAL, both of these processes ensures success in getting your marketing message out to the target group and making sure that you get the results you want.This word REAL is a four step process to get the maximum benefits of marketing strategy

Before targeting a particular segment for marketing should ensure, Is the product or service truly relevant for that segment, so need of relevance arises here.When in the process it come to Experts, it means that group of people who are truly proficient in their working profiles.So, an assistance from these experts would be required in each and every step of marketing, as assembling a team of experts lead to success.

Now, to make your product of that level so that it can easily get the attention of those eyeballs.For this you have to advertise your product to that particular genre or ti that particular section for which it actually makes a relevance, and they actually think of buying it.Now, its the last step Link, in this process we not only need to communicate the messaging to the target customer, but we should also make sure that it should cover a more wide area.So that through the linking process our message reaches to that section also who could be our customer in the near future.

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