Make your Brand Successful:Just Follow a Strategy

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Re: Make your Brand Successful:Just Follow a Strategy

#1 Postby Priya16 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:24 am

Branding is basically how your product is different from others products. What value do consumers perceive of your products and services. Branding is not an easy task to do. Specially, when there are already so many existing brands available. So, you need to develop some strategies for that too. For effective branding, when we launch a product into a market, we should see to it that what USP does the product have. We should concentrate on USP. Launching a product without USP is waste of time as to why people will buy your products and services as there in unique feature about it and stop buying from existing brands. Then target your segment properly. And most important, use good medium of channels of communication. I believe that free samples work a lot. People come to know about your product and USP. Then it becomes easier for you to brand it as people know your product. Communication is very important. How you communicate your product. Whether it is multi purpose or just one single purpose etc. All these things matter a lot.

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Re: Make your Brand Successful:Just Follow a Strategy

#2 Postby shalini1792 » Fri May 30, 2014 10:10 am

Branding is a way to distinguish your product or service from the rest of market and create a perceived value in the mind of potential customers. Branding is also important for small businesses that want to stand out in the market, and the keys to successful branding include knowing your target customers and making all your decisions with a focus on what's important to them. Some steps in successful branding are :
1. Define Your Customers
2. Study Your Customers
3. Be Consistent with Your Brand Position
4. Create the Elements of Your Brand
5. Market Your Brand

These all factors will help in making a goodwill of the brands in the market and among the minds of the people and consumers.

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Make your Brand Successful:Just Follow a Strategy

#3 Postby Shivani » Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:31 pm

Its the age of innovation and now its very usual in market to have a new brand everyday..but just introducing a brand is not enough ,to make it successful some hard + smart work should be done.And when the brand is in India then its not easy to win the customer's heart, it involves so many efforts.

There is a huge no. of villages and towns in when it comes to do business, we can't keep them aside because if we do so it could definitely result in lot of lost opportunities.So for an emerging business its very important to calculate that which set of people should be the focus for their product.As it could be the success story of a small business from being local to regional to national.

The relationship matters a lot when it comes to make a brand identity in the market, if a customer don't like you then he/she will not buy your product also.But the thing get changed when you share a very strong relationship with your customer, as it helps brands grow and capture the market.

There is a perception in mind that we Indians want lower price..but its not the actual truth, what the Indians want is quality and if the quality is good then its not the money which matters a lot.

When it comes to the services to the customers, then it should really be an unforgettable experience not in terms of the hardships faced..But in terms of the best & world class services.Its the only thing which the Indian consumer want, should be treated as a special customer whether its for home delivery, in a restaurant, in a flight or wherever they are..what they want is a world class experience of services.

So the success mantra to make your brand successful is here..If you have any other ideas to share then please suggest..

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