How to Generate Sales Leads in Marketing

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Re: How to Generate leads in Marketing

#1 Postby priyankas » Mon Dec 07, 2015 3:00 pm

Do you want to take your sales on next level but still stuck with the same number of leads since last few months. So its time to review and revamp your sales strategy. Learn some cost effective and easy ways to generate sales leads online:-

Promote Customer Referrals:- Promote customers referrals through satisfied customers. You can introduce any rewarding scheme for customer referrals. Many brands are promoting customer referrals schemes and enjoying word of mouth publicity. It is cost effective and smart method to increase sales leads.

Review Your Online marketing Plan:- You must review your online marketing plan while your target is to increase sales leads in cost effective manner. Focus on following things while preparing online marketing strategy:-
Email Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Link Exchange and Sharing
Social Media

For email marketing, you should have list of prospective customers. There are various sources to get email marketing list. is one of the leading provider of corporate information database including business email database.
There is a quick way to maximize your sales leads online in few days through PPC. Although it requires investment. Blogging is great way to improve brand awareness and generate sales leads without any investment. Is your social media plan is not still out? If not then your marketing efforts are still incomplete. So make your social media plan and start generating sales leads from today.

Cross Promotions and Co- Marketing:- You must review your cross promotions and co-marketing plans. You can generate good quality sales leads through this method. Such method involves alliances with non-competitive and complementary vendors to promote each other products and exchanging leads. You can generate quality leads through cross promoting and co-marketing.

Participation in events:- Your participation in industry specific events such as trade shows, fairs etc can help in lead generation. It can also help in branding. You can arrange for speech so that you can introduce yourself among prospective customers. Choose event as per target a[url]udience.

Engage Visitors:- Every company has website. You can directly interact with your visitors through live chat. Also add inquiry form so that they can post enquiry while you are not online.

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Re: How to Generate leads in Marketing

#2 Postby ANKITSHAH » Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:54 am

This era of digital media had made people virtually closer to each other. The social networking sites has squeezed the world around us to a great extent. Now generating leads has become comparatively easier than it was a decade before.
To generate leads one should be savvy with the networking sites like linked-in,tweeter,pinterest,facebook etc. If they approach the right person in the right time in the right way, than they are certain to succeed.
But with the advent of technologies, one should not forget the basis of finding leads i.e trust and relationships. A person can get a lead from someone else when when he/she has earned their confidence and is a very gradual process.

Keeping good relationship also always helps because we never know who might be of help to us at any point in life.

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Re: How to Generate leads in Marketing

#3 Postby bhawna » Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:07 pm

I also agree with Kalpit, today if someone really want to get good leads then the research of the company is the most required thing.

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Re: How to Generate leads in Marketing

#4 Postby Kalpit » Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:36 pm

I feel in generating leads most imp is the research of the company and individual for B2B sales

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How to Generate Sales Leads in Marketing

#5 Postby ronak04 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:22 pm

Are you struggling to find new sales leads for business?Are your techniques are not working ? well lets have look to generate sales leads.

Sales Lead generation is not the easy task as we see, it takes a lot of time and energy to get an single sales lead with the limited resources. What you feel about generating sales leads ? Is it easy task or is it hard task? well thats purely depends upon how you work.

There are few ways of getting it done,
1. Cold Call works:- Well cold calling isn't dead the way we see, because its not about the first call you made and you get rejected, perhaps its about getting started to build an healthy relationship with client by follow up and links, this way you may get reference or you may get idea to when to call, so take it in positive way and do it because it all takes time.

2. Create your own identity:- When it comes to lead generation you have to make an attempt to create your own market , by creating own market means to create an surrounding where people will know about your work , company and profession by this you can upload content, information , blogs and through social media where N no of people are active and can found your information useful, this way you yourself create a brand in peoples mind, this way they will know you who you are and it will be easy for you to do business ...

3. Videos:-
Video marketing is a great source of knowing people about you, so when next time you go for a call they will feel like they know you already in some way so that it will be easy for you to convert them for your benefits!!!

4. Timing:- Be a good person when it comes to calling, do not make them feel that you are disturbing them for a sake of sales call, call them when they are ready to talk this way you can able to speak about what you want and this will help them to understand what you are saying...

Online Marketing Efforts:- You should also do online marketing efforts to generate genuine sales leads. Online marketing is cost and time saving method to generate sales leads.

Also Read- How to Generate Sales Leads?

Hope so this will help.......

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