Brand Loyalty in B2B

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Re: Brand Loyalty in B2B

#1 Postby shalini1792 » Sat May 24, 2014 11:11 am

When consumers become committed to your brand and make repeat purchases over time. Brand loyalty is a result of consumer behavior and is affected by a person's preferences. Loyal customers will consistently purchase products from their preferred brands, regardless of convenience or price. Companies will often use different marketing strategies to cultivate loyal customers, be it is through loyalty programs (i.e. rewards programs) or trials and incentives (ex. samples and free gifts). Companies that successfully cultivate loyal customers also develop brand ambassadors – consumers that will market a certain brand and talk positively about it among their friends. This is free word-of-mouth marketing for the company and is often very effective. Hence Having a good number of consumers who have a brand loyalty icreases the goodwill of the organisation in the market.

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Re: Brand Loyalty in B2B

#2 Postby rinky05 » Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:48 am

Building Brand loyalty in B2B is more difficult compared fo B2C ·As in B2B buyers are usually rational decision makers who are not moved by emotional factors.
Nor B2B products promise to make you “cool” or “sexy” or any other aspirational attribute. Price is the only thing that matters.

Mostly B2B companies sell to narrow audiences,and do not target the masses . So advertising to create a brand does not make much sense.

If anything that will help in brand loyalty in B2b is the relationship between the individual sales representative and the buyer; if the B2B brand means anything, it is created by the sales representative while selling his products.

One thing is very important for B2B market is to deliver what has been spoken by the sales rep and not to make any promises that cannot be fulfilled because an unsatisfactory product can bring negative impression for the organization.


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Re: Brand Loyalty in B2B

#3 Postby vikasverma30 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:05 am

In today's world where numerous brands have cropped up across all the sectors, people tend to become brand loyal. The reason for the same is that a particular brand fits them well, its quality, stuff, design matches the likes of a person.

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Re: Brand Loyalty in B2B

#4 Postby Kalpit » Tue May 21, 2013 8:48 pm

It is really difficult to maintain brand loyalty. Reason being simple ..companies are in very dynamic mode . the requirement changes and most imp the decision maker changes with whom the preference for brand changes so brand loyalty is tough and it should not be much targeted.

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Brand Loyalty in B2B

#5 Postby archit » Thu May 16, 2013 5:37 pm

Brand loyalty in B2B is very difficult because companies can not take decision on emotions and they critically evaluate all parameters and even repeat purchase with same vendor raise eyebrows...In this case how to build Brand loyalty and get repeated business?

Some of the points which I can think of is:
>Maintain good relationship with multiple key executives in company
>Always show value to customer and if possible provide him written proof for ROI and benefit to showcase to top management
>Even after selling product or services do take regular feedback to give a positive image about your company
>Make sure to have some hardcore loyalist in company who give you information about competitor activities
>In trouble times don't put blame on your service team, take charge and make sure problem is solve and even if it is not solved you are single touch point giving confidence to customers that it will be solved
>Educate technical stakeholders on latest trend and finance stake holders on good ROI, this will help you in winning orders fast.
>Do invite Key decision makers for customer meet to share their views and experience. This will be a good PR activity also.

More suggestion from your vast sales experience is welcome... 8-)

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