Brand Conformity through Advertisements

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Brand Conformity through Advertisements

#1 Postby Namita » Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:55 am is all around us. Advertising has become a strange breed of communication, marketing, psychology & design. It has been long regarded as a key method to communicate & build brand identity. It helps create, manage & maintain brands. As advertising means something to all of us, there isn't an exact definition about what advertising is.However; advertising can be assumed to be connected with business, art, marketing & more.
A brand encompasses the set of expectation, associated with a product or service, which typically arises in the minds of “people” (consumers, buyers, or the target audiences). A brand typically includes a name of (“brand name”), logo & other visual elements such as image, fonts, color or symbols. In other contexts, the term “brand” maybe used where the legal term trademark is more appropriate.
Brand conformity is something that any marketer aspires to have, but in a world filled with money-savvy consumers & endless product proliferation, it is becoming harder to attain...and this situation is very natural to emerge because the consumer perceives that one brand simply out performs all others in providing some critical functional benefits.

But when there is a brand which a company wants to promote..then its the advertisements only..which help to present a real picture of it to the buyers..

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