Ambush Marketing

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Re: Ambush Marketing

#1 Postby shalini1792 » Wed May 21, 2014 10:16 am

Ambush marketing is a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on, a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee. A marketing technique in which advertisers work to connect their product with a particular event in the minds of potential customers, without having to pay sponsorship expenses for the event. An example of ambush marketing might involve selling music merchandise just outside the grounds of a concert without the consent or awareness of the concert promoters, relying on association with the concert to drive sales. It broadly refers to a situation in which a company or product seeks to ride on the publicity value of a major event without having contributed to the financing of the event through sponsorship.

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Ambush Marketing

#2 Postby ISTTMmasthanvali » Fri May 09, 2014 5:44 pm

When an organization conducts any event,it will be sponsored by some companies.Here sponsoring refers to paying the money to conduct that event and in return the sponsors will brand their products and get publicity.

There are are many such sponsors for an event,but,of the all sponsors any one pay/spend more money for the event and it is called as EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR of the event.This exclusiveness dominates the remaining companies and such companies follows AMBUSH MARKETING.

Ambush Marketing is defined as the process in which the competing brand sponsors the event without paying the sponsor fee and conducts marketing campaigns by associating with the event in externally possible ways.
For example, consider the event ICC world-cup 1996 for which coca-cola is the official sponsor and have exclusive rights within the stadium.Competing sponsor,Pepsi comes with a campaign to counter it. Pepsi sports mega balloons outside the stadiums with huge logos.

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