Advertising vs PR--Which is More effective tool

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Re: Advertising vs PR--Which is More effective tool

#1 Postby sibascmhrd » Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:21 pm

PR is by far a superior tool to advertising. Strictly talking in terms of economics PR has much higher ROI because of the low initial investment. Another major driving criteria is the fact that PR is considered more “trustworthy” and personal than advertising, which inherently is perceived to be, mix of half truths and myth and aspirational celebrities. It could be seen how Narendra Modi won its election relying on it band of social media PR against Congress which relied on the Bharat Nirmaan ad campaign. Another big force that PR has is the power of mouth-to-mouth marketing and the untapped market it can reach out to while advertising is limited to the sample that follows the medium of communication. Because of the same reason PR has a longer life cycle than advertisements. More people remember the experience of having/ seen an iPod than the first iPod ad came out. The successive of PR can be seen not only in politics but also corporates like Facebook who grew without any investment in advertising.

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Re: Advertising vs PR--Which is More effective tool

#2 Postby sumitverma » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:22 am

Depending on the marketing strategy whether its Push or Pull, the marketing toll can be easily pick and implemented.
The most important is to measure the effectiveness of the implementation. Automobile company like Skoda launched its first product in the market Octavia that too without any advertising and IT company like Apple launched iPAD without advertising and are the benchmarks for other industry players. On the other hand companies from the similar industries like and Mercedes and Google started advertising and marketing before they launched A-Class and Nexus series products and again created a history.
Later on stages all the companies started using a blend of Advertising and PR. Henceforth the perfect mix of PR and Advertising in a proper ratio complements each other to get customers pushed by PR and Pulled by Advertising.

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Advertising vs PR--Which is More effective tool

#3 Postby saketroy2 » Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:36 am

Have you seen Apple Inc. advertising their products ? Still their product is known by everyone. That is PR..when your value is identified by the third party and introduced to the world. Media is one the biggest participant. PR defines your credibility, trust and value.. Bragging is not PR where a company just blows their own trumpet, they have done this and that. Everything depends upon what your end user has given your feedback.

Advertising is where you are targeting the big mass of end customers ( may or may not ) through different mediums. Its always done by the first party to the end ones.....credibility and trust are built after use and sales service.....

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