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Runway to success

#1 Postby rahulu2821 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:35 pm

I've been stick to the television all this weekend to find something that could grab my attention, something thats worth spending time on. But this weekend turned out to be quite boring untill i hooked up to cnbc tv tonight. This show called RUNWAY TO SUCCESS sponsored by lufthansa airlines.
Its show dedicated to entrepreneurs, in which three founders/ co founders of some startups were invited to pitch their idea in front of the panel consisting of two senior executives of some financial firms. The judges analysed their business startups on the basis of some criterias like their core Idea, their long term plans etc. And the winner of the show might get financial support ( Thats my guess).
But the point is, that i find this show really amazing as it might encourage the entrepreneurs of our nation to take a leap forward about their vision of work.

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