Loneliness - Self evolving period!

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Loneliness - Self evolving period!

#1 Postby khyatiimtn » Tue May 26, 2015 8:12 am

Loneliness is nothing but a state of mind. I personally believe that sometimes it is important to be alone rather than being in group or with lots of people all the time. When we are in group or with various people , often our perception or decision gets influenced by other people. However sometimes it is good to be alone to understand our own self better and to look at the bigger picture about one own self. Also loneliness doesn't mean getting completely cut off from the world ,it simply means keeping or preserving some time for your own self where you don't have to pretend but can enjoy your life on your own conditions.

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Re: Loneliness - Self evolving period!

#2 Postby PrabhatP » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:34 am

Loneliness is sometimes definitely self evolving period. People discover more about themselves when they are lonely. People from creative background like writers, painters, musicians, etc definitely like to be lonely when they are working on their master pieces. Famous spiritual leaders have always preferred to be lonely for their spiritual meditation and learning their inner being. Its better to be lonely once a while to energize oneself.

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Re: Loneliness - Self evolving period!

#3 Postby anglinaj » Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:55 am

I've been stick to the television all this weekend to find something that could grab my attention, something thats worth spending time on. But this weekend turned out to be quite boring untill i hooked up to cnbc tv tonight.

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Re: Loneliness - Self evolving period!

#4 Postby pushkarp89 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:38 pm

No i don't think so,instead it makes our life as hell.
Every human being in this planet need one's support. Loneliness makes him feel downtrodden which results in depression,and even suicides.If we are blessed with friends and family then it would be easy for us to sustain. Family and friend's support creates confidence to which is necessary to win any battle of life.
For instance,In a cricket match there comes many situation we audience support change the entire scenario of the match.

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Loneliness - Self evolving period!

#5 Postby rahulu2821 » Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:19 pm

Have you ever felt you are the only person left on the planet about whom no one really care about? Like you are the only person who has no friends?? If yes, here's a good news for you, that you are not alone. Believe it or not but the truth is that every single person goes through that feeling of being alone at some point in their lives.
Instead of being upset about it, i would suggest you look at the brighter side.. first of all the best thing about loneliness is that its temporary and secondly when you are alone you have a plenty of time to think about yourself, your life, your career and above all what you really want your life to be. And then you just need to work out and make your dreams come true.
Look, think and you'll discover so much about yourself in those few minutes of lonely period and you'll emerge a lot more stronger.

Always keep this thought in mind.. "No matter how long the night is, the dawn has to arrive.

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