Is "Stress" a part of life?

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Re: Is "Stress" a part of life?

#1 Postby lauriehinton » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:15 pm

Yes, you are right vish1990, being working as a research paper writer in one of the leading research paper writing service website for the past 10 years, i too had undergone the stress situation in my life so many times. Yes, as of you said, stress is the inability to control our emotions such as anger, horror and our failure. So, stress is never a part of life why i am saying this means, if a person got addicted to stress means then, there will be no happiness, enjoyment and joy in their life. So, the one and only way to get rid of stress is through meditation and yoga. Yes, in this fast moving mechanic world, these two will be the best solution to get rid of stress from your life.

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Is "Stress" a part of life?

#2 Postby vish1990 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 11:27 pm

when I started my career I came across a word stress management , I asked my self why manage stress? because in my understanding we manage things which are precious to us our business, money, wealth,family etc..... then why stress?
It took me a while to understand that people have concluded that stress is a part of live.. But I don't agree with the statement. stress is not a part of life its just the inability to manage oneself..
It's not because of the nature of work you do.... Boss complains of stress peon in the same company also complain about stress in between everyone complain about stress, a job less also complain of stress.
If you are suffering your job, and I get you fired will you be joyful I guess no. So, it's not about your job obviously. Its you who do not know how to manage your mind, energy, body, emotions do not know how to manage your own system.

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