Lead Generation using Social Networking sites

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Re: Lead Generation using Social Networking sites

#11 Postby ANKITSHAH » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:38 pm

Social media has become a part of our life. Every 4th person in this world is connected to other by social networking. Each person shares a set of data like his gender,age,organization, domain of specialization etc. This details are very important for networking and if tapped properly can be used in setting up the huge data of clients.
For marketeers, important leads can be generated using these social networks. For example LinkedIn can be used to contact professionals of a particular company, Reviews for different products at social platform can be used to understand customer behaviors.Thus social networking sites can be of prime importance if used effectively.

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Re: Lead Generation using Social Networking sites

#12 Postby amolss3 » Sat Dec 06, 2014 5:49 am

Social networking sites can be an amazing way to generate web traffic & leads for your business when used properly.
Make sure you will be having valuable content on your website that requires the user to provide information to access it. Then try to amplify Your Audience With Focused Social Ads. Finally, integrate Google Analytics goal and campaign tracking with your social promotion strategy.
One can start by setting up your lead conversion path as a goal within Google Analytics

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Re: Lead Generation using Social Networking sites

#13 Postby nitis » Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:21 pm

Well now days every company has a Public relations team which is involved day and night in the promotion of its products.Now days each and every person in this world is using different products.The product can be a electronic item like camera,mobile phone or a software package or a apparel.Companies are looking now days to tap their customers on the type of product they like and prefer.Lead generation is done by companies through various channels like online sales,door to door marketing etc.Well companies are now days finding customers through different mediums.They are not just concentrating on one medium but opening up their vision to attract the customers from everywhere.Now companies are targeting social media websites like Facebook,twitter and LinkedIn to promote their product.Facebook is now days used as a tool to promote your product.What companies are doing,they are advertising their products on the side column of the Facebook page,so as customers use the Facebook they get to know about their product.When customer click on that link,the link guides them directly to the companies website.This is called promotion through social media.The main thing is how to track your customers.

What companies are doing now days,they are focusing at various sites like Quora and twitter.Various people have accounts in quora where people ask various questions about products on the forum.What the intelligent marketeers are doing they are searching for these customers, who want products similar to the companies products.So that can be a suitable lead for the company.Another social networking site LinkedIn can be brought into the action.In LinkedIn,each account holder is part of certain group or company like Tata Motors or Britannia or he may be following certain companies.So companies are tapping these people who are following their own companies and making them a successful lead.So social networking sites have become an important tool for lead generation in this present era.

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Lead Generation using Social Networking sites

#14 Postby jaiimtn » Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:28 pm

Now a days social networking sites are a very crucial component of Digital Marketing as a whole. Companies are using Social Networking websites to develop their feedback channels extensively. They use sites like Linked in , Quora and twitter in an very innovative way to get feedback from there customers. Now the question is how to use these websites in Lead generation? Answer is simple for eg. we have a software that is a complimentary product to some other software. We can track the Twitter handle of this software and find out by analyzing the posts there who are the customers that are using these software. After that we can contact the people in that company via Linked In to give them the sales pitch for our product which is complimentary to that particular software. Same use can be made of Quora in which there are various Forum discussion . We can find out the customers from that forum discussion also these will be are future leads for our product.
The tools for lead generation through social networking sites are as follows:-
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Linkedin
- Quora
- Tumblr
- Stumble Upon

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