Rape cases in India- a new trend

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Re: Rape cases in India- a new trend

#1 Postby Nancy1612 » Mon May 25, 2015 5:15 pm

This is nothing new, it is just coming to the limelight as people are ready to speak up. In India, it has been a saga for ages and it will still be, unless and until people change their mindset. What we need is a strong judiciary system which will compel people to think a million times before attempting such a hideous crime. What we need is support from our society, that will not make the victim feel like a trash bag but will give her strength to speak up. What we need is education, that can help change the mindset of India. We all dream of a better India, a safer India, but it wont happen unless each and everyone do their bit as an Indian. Even one person can make a difference. So take a stance, speak against all evils against women and help India make a better place.

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Re: Rape cases in India- a new trend

#2 Postby Sindhuja » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:03 pm

It is true that now a days rape cases became a new trend in India. There is no proper action taken against criminals. So they are repeating the same thing again and again. The criminals should be punished very seriously so that fear starts in everyone, so they never repeat it. Government has to take some serious actions on such criminals & should protect women.

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Rape cases in India- a new trend

#3 Postby Priya16 » Sun May 11, 2014 11:55 am

It is true that rapes have now become a new trend in the society of India. Rape cases are increasing day by day. The legal system of India is not taking proper action for such criminals. We call our nation to be independent after 1947, but just by growing your exports or by growing your commerce sector doesn't prove that the nation is independent. Crimes and frauds are increasing, no proper action or punishments is given. How can we call a country independent when such illegal activities are happening??We celebrate 8th march as National Womens Day. But, literally is that true that we respect women in India. No matter how organised, or how modern our country becomes, there are people in India, who still have not developed their mindset and attitude towards life. People still have narrow mindsets and men still think that women are below them and not equal to them. Because of no rigid rules and strict actions the criminals are set free and they tend to rape girls everyday and we hear rape cases every morning in the news. The law should be properly framed for such criminals and strict and rigid actions should be taken. This is because why countries like USA, China are developed and we are still developing.

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