Why Civil Services is a Dream Career..

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Re: Why Civil Services is a Dream Career..

#1 Postby jayprakashimtn » Tue May 19, 2015 10:41 am

It's a dream career because not only does it give you an opportunity to serve your country, but it gives aspiring young individuals a lucrative opportunity that no other profession can. No other job will give you a position such as an IAS officer or an IPS officer at the beginning of your career. In the private sector you'd have to toil hard for years before you're offered promotions that put you in the top management. Ultimately when you're in the private sector all the efforts that you make are to contribute to the profit margin of the organization. For those who want their work to make a positive impact on the society that is not enough, hence an opportunity that allows you to take part in policy making and implementing the policies, in addition to working to solve problems that people face is gratifying.

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Re: Why Civil Services is a Dream Career..

#2 Postby Lal » Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:31 am

Civil Services is a dream career choice of most of the students. More than anything else it gives you the chance to serve your country at the very grass root level in addition to that it gives you the prestige, money and job security. An IFS officer represents his country in the other nations and different world forums. So these are the reasons which attracts you to this prestigious job. But I believe other than these reasons one should have an inbuilt desire to serve his country.

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Re: Why Civil Services is a Dream Career..

#3 Postby Namita » Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:34 am

Many people have Civil Service as a dream Career but actually how many are worth of it???Because Civil Service is not an easy Job to get.One has to work really hard to get it.Civil Services are considered as one of the premium services but one has to plan for it, study for it;then only they can get such dream job.Once you are on the Job,salary,respect,privilege follows you ultimately.You will get the chances to work with Top leaders & other top Personalities.

Civil Services include all state and central government offices and offer jobs not only in better known sectors like the IAS , IFS, IPS but also select departments of the Indian Railways, Revenue Service, Postal Services,etc.

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Re: Why Civil Services is a Dream Career..

#4 Postby Khyati123 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:57 pm

Civil services is dream come true for every young Indian.... Although one has to work really hard for it.. .. It's not just the salary thats the reason, it's the respect and the priviliges which come along. It's a privilige to be a part of law makingPlus there are very high chances of a the civil servant entering politics. One gets to work with the legislators and top-notch leaders. But duties come along with benefits and one has to give 100%.

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Why Civil Services is a Dream Career..

#5 Postby shreya » Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:45 am

Civil Services offer an attractive and challenging career to the ambitious, the aspiring and the talented. Indian civil services paves the way for becoming an IAS, IPS or IFS officer.. :)
The Indian civil services is considered as one of the premier services. The wide variety of jobs within the fold of the Civil Services have relatively greater sphere of authority and power than any other services in India.

The services encompass all one can aspire for i.e., prestige, job security, salary package, opportunity of foreign tour, job satisfaction, etc. This is the most prestigious and respectful job of India as it is a job which provides an opportunity to satisfy personal ambition as well as indulge in social welfare. The selection as civil servants is rigorous and only a handful is selected is done out of hundreds and thousands of aspirants every year. There is diversity of work- a wide variety of work is associated with civil services, like maintenance of law and order, developmental work, disaster management, representing India on international forum, administration, upliftment and empowerment of marginalized sections of society etc.. etc..
Once selected, a civil servant works till the age of 60 and is possible for him to get an extension. As far as salary package is concerned, the 6th pay commission has brought the salaries of the Civil Servants at par with those in the corporate sector. The facilities and amenities provided to an officer are excellent. A remarkable thing about civil services is that it provides opportunity to contribute effectively in the decision making process of country. The talented ones also get to represent the nation at world forums. A person who wants to participate closely in the process of building society and wants to bring about positive social change should definitely try to crack the IAS examination.
The aspirants of Civil Services favor the top three services namely- IAS, IPS and IFS as these services hold within their fold the vast scope to use bestowed power to bring about societal development. Also, these services are much sought after as they are symbols of great power, social recognition and affluence.....

:arrow: Job Profile of Various Posts & Services filled by UPSC Civil Service Exam :idea:

Indian Administrative Services: IAS
Indian Foreign Services: IFS
Indian Police Services : IPS
Indian Revenue Services : IRS
Indian Railways Services
Indian Railways : Traffic Services
Railway Protection Force
Indian Customs and Central Excise Services
Central Excise
Indian Audit & account Services
Indian Postal Service
P & T Finance and Accounting Service
The Indian Information Services (IIS)
The Indian Defence Accounts Services (IDAS)
The Indian Ordinance And Factories Services (IOFS)
The Indian Civil Accounts Services (ICAS)
The Indian Defence Estates Services (IDES)
The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)

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