Opportunities in Banking

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Re: Opportunities in Banking

#1 Postby namrata » Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:02 am

It is all fine but the process of entering in public sector banks is not as easy as it sounds. Multiple level entrance exams have to be faced. Opening are more because in Public sector banks jobs are at multiple location and good in number but are even at the remote areas which might be not of one's choice. On the other hand, the private banks are going through hire and fire policy wherein irrespective of your stream you get a target, doing the same job that is of selling & marketing their banking products & services(loans, insurance policy, accounts, lockers, etc.,).
So in banking, the one who is ready for incessant toil can grab such opportunities & wish u all the best. :)

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Re: Opportunities in Banking

#2 Postby Lal » Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:31 am

Banking industry is growing very rapidly in India and it offers huge opportunities to Indian youths. We have more than 20 public sector banks which offers very year 15 to 20k jobs every year and other than this private and foreign banks in India also provides lucrative career option. SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank etc are some of the top public sector banks. In entry level a graduate can join these banks as a clerk or probationary officer and there are some specialist jobs for CAs, Economist and marketing professional.

So overall opportunities are huge in this industry and it is also growing at a very rapid rate.

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Re: Opportunities in Banking

#3 Postby sonal123 » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:41 am

In my opinion Banking industry is the best industry to work with be it a Public sector Bank or the private sector bank.There are bundle of Opportunities not only for qualified post graduates but even for graduates.Working at bank even as a fresher gives you a good start.So if someone is looking for career in finance go for it.
Nowadays banks have started their own courses to start a career,For instance ICICI bank affliation with ICICI Manipal School of Banking.
One more point not even finance but these days Marketing too has good scope in banks. Go and grab the opportunity!!

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Re: Opportunities in Banking

#4 Postby shaikh12911 » Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:25 pm

Employment in the banking industry has positive connotations because a lot of bankers do become rich and whatnot. But being a cashier really is no better than being a cashier at Topshop, or Tesco. You still have to work your way up to being manager, then higher. The banking industry is rife with nepotism, it's who you know not what you know! friends and family get the good jobs first, or people with a lot of rich contacts and potential future income. Don't think you will be able to work your way into the top jobs in banking easily at all. :geek:

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Re: Opportunities in Banking

#5 Postby reet » Thu Nov 21, 2013 5:26 pm

is there anything to broke maths :(

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Opportunities in Banking

#6 Postby shreya » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:55 am

Banking Industry is one of the most sought after career choice among the students. It's an evergreen industry because it leads towards the entry into a well paid, secure and status career. Although it may appear that these jobs are meant for commerce/economics students only but the fact is that majority of bank officers are from different streams of education. It is also a myth that top positions in Foreign/Multinational Banks are held by MBA's from Premier Management Institutes. :lol: Though the Public sector Banks are now appointing management graduates, CAs and CFAs but bright graduates from any subject can get entry in the Public sector Banks through an All India Examination conducted by them.

Nationalization of the major commercial banks in India in 1969/1980 brought almost the entire banking system within the public sector. State Bank of India being the top commercial bank of the country.. :P
The emergence of technology-driven new private banks have broadened the scope and range of banking service and entry of Financial Institutions are into the short-term lending business, is resulting in needs for more professionals. Now banks are having new and innovative products such as mutual funds , secularization business credit cards, consumer loans, housing loans, housing loans besides trading in gold and forex activities. Thus they require professionals from all the areas.
Generally banks look for good communication skills, good interpersonal skills, the ability to deal with customers, an alert nature, and basic knowledge of the industry. However to join foreign or private sector banks at higher than entry level one needs specialization in some specific areas. For example expertise in project analysis, credit appraisal skills, managing huge loan portfolios general and foreign exchange and money. Good computer knowledge is always preferred.

Foreign Banks are the most sought after due to their salary packages comparable to the best in the country and better job profiles and work cultures. However, in addition to personal performance, the job security in these banks is also dependent on various external factors, like the economy of the parent country, performance of the bank worldwide, change in management etc.. :roll:

Public sector Banks recruit mainly graduates at the entry level on the basis of All India Level examination. However professionals like engineers, doctors, technologists, lawyers, ex-defense officers etc are recruited on senior positions through All India tests... :roll: :roll:
Private sector/Foreign Banks prefer to take MBA's, CA's etc at junior positions through Campus recruitment and interviews. However, at the senior positions they opt for experienced bankers. Thus the officers from Public sector Banks become the natural choice for such positions. Thus job-hopping has become an well-accepted norm in the Industry.

Therefore joining a Public sector Bank as Probationary Officer (Direct Officer) on the basis All India exam has become a stepping stone for the career growth in the Banking Industry.. ~~.. :) :P

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