How to Prepare Current Affairs and GK for Competitive Exams

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How to Prepare Current Affairs and GK for Competitive Exams

#1 Postby khyatiimtn » Mon May 25, 2015 11:18 pm

Current affairs and GK for any competitive exams form an integral part to decide the competency of an individual. Therefore it is important to prepare really well for these components. The few tips for the success are :
1.Regular reading of newspaper : It is essential to read newspapers regularly. Also one should not stick just one newspaper , should inculcate the habit of reading various newspapers. For example 'The Times of India' for politics ' The Economic Times' for business etc.
2. Business magazines : This is primarily important for MBA entrances & for bank related exams
3. Competitive Success Review for exams like UPSC
4. Keeping abreast of daily updates & news
5.Discussing lot with friends and other knowledgeable people can help in updating on the facts which are being missed by an individual
5.If possible attending different forums meet to know about the celebrities and other top notch people.
Hence these are the few ways to prepare for entrance exams.

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Re: How to Prepare Current Affairs and GK for Competitive Ex

#2 Postby Namita » Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:34 am

*Read current Affairs with interest-HAve interest on whatever you are reading,don't read just for the sake of reading.
*Discuss with your friends whatever you have read, that will help you remember the things.
*Read news paper regularly and read complete news. This is the best way to improve your general knowledge.
*Make daily notes on GK/Current Affairs because writing gives remember power
*Try to co-relate topics with the things of your daily life. If you co relate the things it will be easier to learn the them.
*Read weekly and monthly magazine related to general knowledge.

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How to Prepare Current Affairs and GK for Competitive Exams

#3 Postby shreya » Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:02 am

There is always something happening in this big world, so it’s not east to stay updated with all the latest affairs all the time. We need to strategize our plan of action to prepare it accordingly; otherwise it will be tough nut to break for sure.

:arrow: Some Important Tips to Follow:
:idea: Read Newspapers regularly
We need to make a habit of reading newspapers regularly. It will be better if you read one newspaper of your mother language, and other of English. Some useful newspapers are “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, “The Telegraph” etc. This habit needs to be started at least 6 months before the actual exam that will help you to get access to all the important events of that period of time.
You need to keep an eye on what’s happening around you in your country and world as well. We all know that staying updated is always a good idea, as it will stand you apart from the rest.

:idea: Read Magazines thoroughly
There are many leading magazines that focus on current affairs and General Knowledge.These magazines beautifully categorize the articles with its genres to make it interesting to read on. Some of the useful magazines are Pratiyogita Darpan and Manorma.
Try to read some business magazines and sports magazines too along with a general magazine. This will increase your chances of cracking the competitive exams with ease. Some useful business magazines are Business Today, Business Line etc.

:idea: Follow News Channels
One should follow news channels at least once a day. Now most of the leading news channels are active for 24*7. You need to pick up a suitable time for yourself to watch any favorite news channel of yours. You can watch ABP News, NDTV, Times Now, ET Now, Zee News etc. Try to go through all the breaking and highlighted news, and make it a habit.
Its better to allocate only 30 minutes for it in a whole day. All the leading ones shows the glimpses of all important events of the day quite frequently, so 30 minutes will be enough for you to boost up your current affairs and GK knowledge.

:idea: Maintain a Diary
whenever you learn something try to write it down in your diary, as it will help you to memorize it in a better manner. A lot of events are occurring in the country and around the world, so it is easily understandable that it is not easy to remember everything. It’s always a superb idea to maintain a diary of current events.
You need to update this diary on a daily basis with all the events that you consider as important ones. This diary will become quite useful for the revision part, as it will provide you information about all the important events at a place. You should keep revising the diary frequently, as it will help you to memorize important names, dates, awards etc.

:idea: Channelize The Preparation Accordingly
All the competitive exams are not same, as all of them have different pattern, even when it comes to the same topic as ‘Current Affairs’ or ‘GK’. For example for civil services exam, you need to give importance on events of National value. On the other scenario, in matter of bank job exam, the focus should be on the news on banking sectors, and economic and business news.
Thus, Its better to prepare as per the exams you are appearing for, as channelizing your preparation according to the pattern of the exam will accelerate your chance of getting selected.

:idea: Use Internet Resources
“Google, YouTube and Wikipedia are the best teachers’; This is quite true indeed, so you should use all the available online resources to study current affairs and GK for exams. For example this forum is all about Interview and Career Discussion and , so you can check this forum regularly by signing in to SALES FORUM
You can also use social networking sites for your benefits. Especially to prepare current affairs and General knowledge Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon may help you a lot. You can join some Facebook pages, or follow some twitter accounts that are related to current affairs.

:idea: Give Priority to your Strength
We usually find difficulties when we try to learn everything at once. In that process basically we study a lot, but remember a little. We need to first select our strength areas for our preparation. Try to give priority to your strength areas. It may be Sports, economy, Government Affairs or technology. Suppose you are applying for Bank exams, then you should prepare industry related news. Along with that you may pick any 2-3 areas of your strength like sports or technology. You need to prepare these sections to the utmost level. These strategies will help you to score much better in Current Affairs section.

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