Freshers or Laterals

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Freshers or Laterals

#1 Postby shreya » Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:19 am

~~As a student completes his/her Studies/Graduation or any course, the first thing that strike to his/her mind is JOB... :roll: :roll: Most of the students want to either pursue a job with higher studies or don’t want to sit back home idle. Now-a-days employment has becomes a dire need.
Now, a particular company has specific criteria with certain clauses it abides by while recruiting people. From the bundle of huge terms and conditions of a company, lies somewhere the answer as to who out of Freshers and laterals should be given preference in the hiring process. Though every company have its own way to select out of freshers and laterals, still a lot of things and trends are common with managements at offices.
The common mindset in offices suggests that experienced workers with low salary expectations are always welcome. But, the matter of fact is, only freshers agree on working at low packages. But then they lack in experience required for a specific work profile there. All in all, companies struggle to get combo-workers with great capabilities, experience and low money demands together. At this stage of dilemma for companies to tell freshers from laterals or vice-versa, freshers take advantage.

Some reasons due to which companies think freshers are preferable are :mrgreen:
* Freshers get agree to work at low salary package as compare to the experienced laterals.
* More importantly,they don’t have any pre-conceived assumptions about organizations and thus don’t annoy the management.
* As per the Title suggests, Freshers, always have fresh ideas and work with enthusiasm. Laterals, on the other hand, keep sticking to this-is-how-things-work attitude.
* Freshers can generate innovation, whereas laterals work in the same usual manner they used to and the same tempo they are habitual of working at...

Freshers seem to have a few advantages over laterals. However, we cannot deny the fact that laterals can prove to be very beneficial for the organization. They have experience and capability to take the organization they work for to the next level by virtue of the practical knowledge they have. Also, they need not to be trained and spent on money by the organization :!: :!:
An organization's talent pool should be a mix of fresh minds and experienced heads alike.
While new thinking is required at all points, it is the experienced who can judge problematic situations better and also make sure that new ideas are truly new and not a failed implementation of an earlier idea itself.. :shock: :shock:
Entry level work is always best performed by fresh graduates while the lateral hires are required for the higher levels of project management.. ~~
:P :P

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