Final Interview Etiquettes

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Re: Final Interview Etiquettes

#1 Postby Namita » Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:34 am

Job Interview is a conversation between a job seeker & an organization's representative.A Job Interview is tool used to evaluate the candidate.One has to follow some etiquettes during interview:-
*Being confident is good,but never be over-confident.
*Show courtesy to everyone during the interview process.
*Be Honest:-One has to be honest while answering the interviewer question;never just say anything which comes in your mind.Don't say something you'll
regret later.Just think before you speak.
*Keep things simple and short:-Always try to put things clearly,whatever you want to explain be clear & to the point.

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Re: Final Interview Etiquettes

#2 Postby Priya16 » Sat May 10, 2014 9:25 am

Interview is the time when i guess most of people get nervous. However, with such nervousness the candidate should follow some of the interview etiquettes which can help him/her to drive through success.
1. Whenever you meet with person who will take your interview, always remember to shake hands with them. This gives more of a professional gesture.
2. Listen carefully to the questions and then answer them properly.
3. Be polite, humble.
4. Never argue with your boss. It is a big NO NO.
5. If you don't know anything then be frank to say that"I am really sorry sir, being frank, I don't have any idea regarding this". By this, your boss will have the impression of being genuine.
6. Act smart and wise. Be passionate. Show them your best side and skills. Be enthusiastic.
7. Have a good communication with them. Don't speak fast or too slow. Have a good tone and pitch.
8. And most important always have a smile on your face no matter what. It helps in keeping the conversation light and healthy

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Final Interview Etiquettes

#3 Postby shreya » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:13 am

~~...A personal interview could actually be challenging and fun if you just relax and remain focused. Think of it as a conversation between the interview panel and yourself, and enjoy it thoroughly.
You might have fared well in the written test and the group discussion.But cracking the final interview is just a step away from admission to your dream programme or a Dream Job....

Following are some of the Interview etiquette, just have a look and try to polish yourself so that you can shine like a star... :lol: :lol:

1. Whenever the interviewer asks any questions, listen carefully. Do not interrupt him midway. Ask for a clarification if the question is not clear. Wait a second or two before you answer. And don't dive into the answer :!: :!:
2. Speak clearly. Neither very fast nor very slowly. Be loud enough so that the interviewers don't have to strain their ears.
3. Brevity is the hallmark of a good communicator. An over-talkative or verbose person is disliked and misjudged instantly, so keep it short.
4. If you don't know an answer, be honest don't try to exaggerate or mould the answer in other way..
5. Never boast about your achievements. Don't be overconfident -- it is often misinterpreted by interviewers for arrogance.
6. Don't get into an argument with the interviewer on any topic. Restrain yourself, please :!:
7. Remember your manners and be polite.
8. Project enthusiasm. The interviewer usually pays more attention if you display enthusiasm in whatever you say.
9. Maintain a cheerful disposition throughout the interview, because a pleasant countenance holds the interviewers' interest.
10. Maintain perfect eye contact with all panel members; make sure you address them all. This shows your self-confidence and honesty.
11. Avoid using slang. It will certainly not be appreciated.
12. Avoid frequent use of words and phrases like, 'I mean'; 'You know'; 'I know'; 'Well'; 'As such'; 'Fine'; 'Basically', etc.
13. When questions are asked in English, reply in English only. Do not use Hindi or any other languages. Avoid using Hindi words like matlab, ki, maine, etc.
14. Feel free to ask questions if necessary. It is quite in order and much appreciated by interviewers.
15. Last but not the least, be natural. Many interviewees adopt a stance that is not their natural self. Interviewers find it amusing when a candidate launches into a new accent that he/she cannot sustain consistently through the interview or adopts a mannerism that is inconsistent with their own personality.It is best to talk naturally. You come across as genuine...~~
:P :P

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