Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#11 Postby Sakshis » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:28 am

wel!!! in my opinion sales which simply means to become a representative which go out and tries to generate new clients for the company...creation of yours for some thing in exchange in the form of money, or goods or service and I dun thing that only doing M.B.A is the best way to enhance the selling skill...because the main point which is necessary while you are selling something is the complete knowlegde of your product.....because to have the degree is not enough until and unless you don't know how to use it...

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#12 Postby Astha » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:20 am

Ya, in my opinion mba enhances sales skills as mba itself means masters in bussiness administration. It means we became master in a particular field of business be it sales,hr,operation management etc. As we all know only talents are inborn but skills are to be learn and only mba can help those skills to be learn very well. Hence in my opinion mba enhances our sales skills.

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#13 Postby bhawna » Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:32 pm

It will definitely enhance your sales skill. But, sometimes it depends on the institution from where you have done your masters because practical knowledge of sales is only provided in some institutions. So in short all you need, is to have some practical knowledge for that only then you can be a successful sales person.

Poonam Singh
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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#14 Postby Poonam Singh » Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:32 pm

Yes of course MBA helps to enhance sales skills but it doesn't mean that the students who are doing MBA in sale and marketing will emerge as a good sales person, it will help only those who really think that they have sales skill then only MBA will them to polish thier skills and also will help them to understand that where and how they can use thier skills. It is true that Bookish Knowledge is not sufficient for a person to grow practicle experiences must be there but yes by reading great authors we can have ideas to decide strategies.

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#15 Postby rachna » Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:31 pm

Through MBA you can get knowledge about different verticals of the sales.Skills you have to developed youself.MBA can give you an idea but implementation and improvement is on your hand.Now a days, many students doing MBA but they dont know about sales.Skills is in yourself you cannot buy or hire it.

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#16 Postby prashant » Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:12 am

MBA in Marketing do not signify that one is having the sales skill..because as per the generic definition of sales it is just a part of Marketing. And at institutes there is not much thrust on sales point, neither from the faculty nor from the students end.

It is basically taken as a subject, which requires pass marks. The blunt fact is that during the entire education period most of the students take marketing as branding, advertisement, new product concept e.t.c. He actually get to know about Sales when the course is over and he joins an organisation.

MBA in Marketing definitely makes you aware of Sales but I don't think it enhance any of the sales can enhance his skill only if he works on it..and as per the course curriculum of most of the institutes, through out the study period nobody asks you to sell... as there is no selling, there is no thrust on skill building.

Thus my suggestion is if you really want to take sales as a carrier, you should first take some experience of raw sales and then join an institute for MBA in Marketing. Because then only you'll be able to polish and enhance your sales skills.

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#17 Postby rachit » Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:11 am

Sales is of various type...It depends like what kind of sales you are into...A person selling vegetable is also a salesman but he don't pursue higher education...MBA in Marketing is done basically to increase your skills not only in terms of sales but mainly in terms of personality...

Pesonality works a lot in sales...And an MBA person always have that Personality in comparison to a non MBA...MBA stands for Master in Business Administration and a sales person is always a businessman from inside in every organization as he has to sell himself everyday and after doing MBA he becomes master in that...

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#18 Postby karan » Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:10 am

As soul is to body , knowledge is to business
Focusing over this , MBA will teach you selling skills but applying them in the right direction depends upon thyself .
On the other hand we should not also forget that sales is ubiquitous and came much before MBA came into consideration .
MBA will just give theoretical knowledge but experience in sales , is more important then any professional degree in sales.
In my opinion , MBA enhances sales skill but experience is more important

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#19 Postby ashish » Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:09 am

Namita wrote :
> In India , lot of students do MBA in Marketing . Does it really enhances
> the sales skills

Yes, MBA in Marketing gives exposure to the sales concepts as well along with marketing ones. Although MBA gives textbook knowledge only while the sales job requires lot much than that. Various other skills like personal skills, negotiation skills that are necessary to succeed in sales either depend on the personality of the person or are acquired with the experience.

However with the nature of sales job today changing from just selling to consulting, the blend of MBA's textbook knowledge with the actual experience provides better composite sales skills required to success in today's very competitive environment.

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Re: Doing MBA - Does it enhances Sales Skills

#20 Postby deepak » Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:09 am

Yes off course , MBA in Marketing really enhances the sales skills..

example If you ask a non MBA guy what is sales most probably answer would be selling a product is sales.. in other hand answer from MBA student would be completely different because he will explain you sales, sales process, marketing etc in brief which he learnt during his MBA course.. It means through MBA in marketing & sales, students are getting deep knowledge about sales which in turns increase their skills.

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