Do we really need Education for getting Success

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Do we really need Education for getting Success

#11 Postby shreya » Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:58 am

First of all we all need to know what education actually means. There are basically two types education.
- We have true-education, which is self-learning.
- We have School-education, which is Book-learning.

Now basically, we must understand that book learning alone will never make one successful, if it were to be so, People who are well learned in school would have attained the best positions in life. We have evident of people with self-learning (true education) that have owned corporations that most people work in today.
Read the story of Thomas Alvin Edison (he had only 3 months of formal education) , Henry Ford (had little schooling too) , Bill Gates (who had to drop out to pursue his dream child, Microsoft) , Mark Zuckerberg (who also has to drop out to pursue his dream child).. :o :o

What they teach in the four walls of a school tends to put us into a mediocre state. There is a seed of greatness in every man, the school does not teach that. It teaches the students what they really can't use in Real life. But if you study the lives of people who have gone before you. Read books, study biographies, what you have just done is that you have simply added more wisdom that you can use on a daily basis.
Education is not the only way to achieve success. Because there are so many people who are succeed without education like Sachin Tendulkar, A.R.RAHMAN well know music director. All they have a particular achievements in particular activities but not in studies. So education is not way to success but there are so many fields to gain or to success in your life but the thing is to set a goal your success is depend on your setting a goal. So, set a good goal and become success in your life.

But we cannot deny the fact that formal education helps in gaining basic etiquette to sustain in the society. Education doesn't means your degree, your class standards but it will sometimes more. For example: :arrow:
1) We learn to respect the world (specially women's).
2) We learn to respect our parents.
3) We get positive potential.
4) We learn to live the life in the right way.
5) We learn sharing and helping others.

So first we get the education of life after that all the other issues of education. If we learn the concept of life we will indirectly go towards success. (hard working, luck is the another part of life).
Education is either formal or informal. Success can never be based on education but it has a link to it. We have many successful men and women who do not have a certificate. It is all about your ability and you determination. You can have the best of education but if you are not focus in life you will never make it. Education can not be the only key but it is a supporting factor you can not without.

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