Common Body Language Mistakes

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Re: Common Body Language Mistakes

#1 Postby Achinta22 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:20 am

Body Language plays a vital role in effective communication. Common Body Language mistakes that are taken into consideration are-
Firm Handshake.
Sit straight.
Facial Expressions and other body postures.
Maintain eye contact.
Not to tap fingers on table and feet.
Genuine Smile.

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Re: Common Body Language Mistakes

#2 Postby PrabhatP » Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:05 am

Body language plays vital roles in any interaction be it interviews, meetings, negotiations, etc. The biggest mistake in my opinion is avoiding eye contact which gives the impression of degree of interest. The other being holding hands or putting git inside pockets, crossing arms, checking phones, leaning forward, nodding too much, etc. We should aim for good posture in neutral position, pay attention, naturally hold eye contact and smile......

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Re: Common Body Language Mistakes

#3 Postby usman1133 » Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:04 pm

..There are some common Body language mistakes which a Job Seeker makes in front of Interviewer... Keep Calm and try to find a balance between nervousness and confidence..

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Re: Common Body Language Mistakes

#4 Postby Priya16 » Thu May 22, 2014 9:58 am

There are usually many body language mistakes while people make in interviews, board meetings, presentations. Lets have a look at some of the common body language mistakes;

1. Some people do not shake hands when they meet their seniors or their boss. It is a very bad sign. Moreover whenever you go for an interview or meet your seniors or executives then always remember to shake hands. It gives more of a professional and corporate gesture.
2. Sit straight. don t lean. This is one of the most common mistakes of body language.
3. Folding hands. Never fold hands and sit. It gives the person next to you the feeling that he/she is holding back something. Keep your hands and palms open.
4. People because of nervousness forget to smile. This should not happen. Always have a smile on your face. It keeps the conversation light.
5. Tapping your feet. It is a sign of restlessness. Avoid tapping your feet.
6. Dont avoid eye contact. Always make an eye contact and look into their eyes and speak. This shows you are pretty confident.

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Re: Common Body Language Mistakes

#5 Postby ajit123 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:53 am

Body language plays a very important role while communicating with the interviewer and body language mistakes can create major problems. Some common mistakes that can be avoided are as below:-

1. If you are looking down, that usually indicates disinterest. Always look up and make eye contact when you are communicating with the interviewer.

2. When you put your hands on your hips, it can be recognized as a sign of arrogance or defensiveness. Try to keep your arms open.

3. If you are sitting on the edge of the chair this is a clear indication that you are feeling uncomfortable.

4. While communicating with the interviewer, don't make fake smiles.. A genuine smile generally changes the expression of the entire face.. Interviewer can easily distinguish between the fake and genuine..

5. If you are tapping finger or foot, this generally indicates stress and impatience...

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Common Body Language Mistakes

#6 Postby shreya » Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:50 am

~~..There are some common Body language mistakes which a Job Seeker makes in front of Interviewer... Keep Calm and try to find a balance between nervousness and confidence.. Don't be overconfident in attitude also don't be quiet nervous... :)
Some of the common Body Language Mistakes are as:
:arrow: Eye Contact :
Eye contact is a double edged sword, too much will present you as aggressive and too little will make u seem disinterested. The simple funda is to maintain it in key moments of the interaction and look away when the situation is not so tense.
Remember, If u leave the interview and you do not know the color of your interviewers eyes, then you have not maintained enough eye contact. keep in mind, to look away at times as well.

:arrow: Eye Rolling :
People generally toll their eyes when they disagree with someone or feel that the other person has said something dumb, the problem is they never know that they are doing it. It is important to have control over what your doing at all times. According to me, Eye rolling is never a good idea..

:arrow: Posture :
During an interview, you need to sit up straight – not so straight that you look like as stiff as a surfboard By doing this you appear interested in the conversation you are having with the person. Slouching over will give the exact opposite impression.

:arrow: Hand Shakes :
A hand shake can give the employer a good or bad impression just like an eye contact, a firm grip can give the impression of confidence but you don't want to break bones either.

:arrow: Tapping :
You may not do it on purpose, but tapping your feet or fingers can express that you are restless and have something better to do. It will not mark a good impression.. :cry:

:idea: :idea: Note: Some easy ways to practice your body language are by videotaping yourself, this shows all your ticks and often what us see might embarrass you. Working with a friend is also a good way to realize your mistakes, a friend can always remind you when you are doing something wrong. Remember body language is a tell tale sign of what is under the surface... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:.. ~~

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