Career in SEO:Good to Opt for..

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Re: Career in SEO:Good to Opt for..

#1 Postby worldemart0 » Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:43 pm

I think it is the booming industry in India.

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Re: Career in SEO:Good to Opt for..

#2 Postby johnson10001 » Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:55 pm

Thanks for sharing this information..Its really useful for me..

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Career in SEO:Good to Opt for..

#3 Postby shreya » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:45 am

Once SEO was not a separate profession – Web masters performed some basic SEO for the sites they managed and that was all. But as sites began to grow and make money, it became more reasonable to hire a dedicated SEO specialist than to have the Web master do it. The demand for good SEO experts is high and is constantly on the rise.
SEO is a profession that can be practiced while working for a company or as a solo practitioner. There are many job boards like Dice and Craigslist that publish SEO job advertisements. Similar to, which is an exclusive portal that publishes sales and marketing jobs and provides passive job seekers.. :) :)

The Web has changed the way companies do business, so to some extent today's marketers and advertisers need to have at least some SEO knowledge if they want to be successful. SEO is also a great career for linguists.
There are several SEO courses and exams for SEO practitioners. Well, they might not be a CISCO certification but still they help to institutionalize the SEO profession. Hence, today SEo has emerges as a separate profession..

On the contrary, SEO profession has certain loopholes such as:, :oops: :oops:

Dependent on search engines :mrgreen:
It is true that in any career there are many things that are outside of your control but for SEO this is a rule number one. Search engines frequently change their algorithms and what is worse – these changes are not made public, so even the greatest SEO gurus admit that they make a lot of educated guesses about how things work. It is very discouraging to make everything perfect and then to learn that due to a change in the algorithm, your sites dropped 100 positions down. But the worst part is that you need to communicate this to clients, who are not satisfied with their sinking ratings.

No fixed rules :mrgreen:
Probably this will change over time but for now the rule is that there are no rules – or at least not written ones. You can work very hard, follow everything that looks like a rule and still success is not coming. Currently you can't even rely on bringing a search engine to court because of the damages they have done to your business because search engines are not obliged to rank high sites that have made efforts to get optimized.

Rapid changes in rankings :mrgreen:
But even if you somehow manage to get to the top for a particular keyword, keeping the position requires constant efforts. Well, many other businesses are like that, so this is hardly a reason to complain – except when an angry customer starts shouting at you that this week their ratings are sinking and of course this is all your fault.

SEO requires Patience :mrgreen:
The SEO professional and customers both need to understand that SEO takes constant effort and time. It could take months to move ahead in the ratings, or to build tens of links. Additionally, if you stop optimizing for some time, most likely you will experience a considerable drop in ratings. You need lots of motivation and patience not to give up when things are not going your way.

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