Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales

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#1 Postby khyatiimtn » Mon May 25, 2015 4:50 pm

Outside sales and inside sales are two different forms of sales. However both are equally important for the success of any company.
Outside sales primarily deals with the product selling , consumer survey , pitching about the product & generating the revenue as a whole.
Inside sales on the other hand deals with the telephonic calls , pitching about the products over the calls & follow up with the potential customers. It also deals with customer complaints.
Outside sales and inside sales are completely different from each other. On the one hand outside sales deals with people in person whereas on the other hand inside sales deals with after sales service and converting potential customers into a final customers.

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Re: Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales

#2 Postby Lal » Fri Apr 24, 2015 9:42 am

We can decide the sale on the basis of how it is taking place. If the sales personnel is meeting the customer at his place or any other outside venue it is known as outside sales and if sales personnel is interacting with customer over only phone and email then it is known as inside sales. This classification is done on the basis of the nature of product. If the product can be explained online and customer is comfortable with the process then a company goes for inside sales process otherwise they have to go for outside sales process.

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Re: Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales

#3 Postby amolss3 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:38 pm

The sale of product or service by sales personnel by going out into the field to meet customer is the outside sales. The sales person often travel to meet customer face to face and to maintain relationship with existing customer. It can be expensive since companies have to compensate outside sales personnel for their travelling, housing and food. Moreover, outside salesperson manage their own schedule right from making and keeping appointments with the customers and reminding them about your meet because delayed or cancelled appointment can result in a loss. Their workplace changes every day because of travelling. Nobody will supervise them.
On the other hand the sale of product or services by sales personnel who reach customer by phone or online medium. It depends on the phone and the internet and is common in the retail industry. Inside sales personnel do not travel and make cold contacts.A company may outsource its inside sales to third party instead of conducting sales in-house. The inside sales persons need to be on-call. Their workplace is a definitive place.

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Re: Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales

#4 Postby nitis » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:04 pm

Every company has two kinds of sales in its arena:Outside sales and Inside sales.

Outside sales involves the sales people going out in public and selling their product to the people through excessive marketing of the product.Outside sales is a critical part of every company working in today's era.It requires excessive promotion of your product,deals and a lot of fight for other competitive products.The product of a company is only bought by a customer if it offers least price and best quality.Innovation of a product also plays a key role in the sales of a product.If your product lacks any of these aspects,then the chances of its sales decreases.So the people required for outside sales should be hardworking,good in communication and should have a liking to travel to various locations as told by the manager.Outside sales requires field work which has targets to be accomplished by the sales person within the stipulated time.

Inside sales is the sale of your product which is made from within your company.The sales are made through marketing of the product on social media and websites.It involves the sales employee working through the the internet and selling the products online.It involves deals through networking.So the amount of effort required is less in inside sales as their is no field work.The company doesn't have to invest on the transportation involved in field work unlike outside sales where you have to spent.So the spending of the company goes down in inside sales.

So I think that outside sales is more better in terms of work which is done as it concerned with field work,though the type of work done in both is same.

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Re: Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales

#5 Postby shalini1792 » Mon May 26, 2014 10:54 am

Outside sales is the sale of products or services by sales personnel who go out into the field to meet with potential customers. Salespeople often travel to meet customers face-to-face, as well as to maintain relationships with existing customers. However, some companies may consider telemarketing a form of outside sales as well. Maintaining an outside sales force can be expensive, since companies typically have to compensate outside sales personnel for miles traveled, housing and food. In some industries, outside sales forces are the norm because customers will not move forward with a purchase solely through inside sales strategies. Whereas inside sales is the sale of products or services by sales personnel who reach customers by phone or online, rather than traveling to meet them face-to-face. Inside relies on the phone, emails and the internet to reach customers and is common in the retail industry. Unlike outside sales personnel, insides salespeople do not travel. Despite this, they are still proactive about contacting potential customers and may make cold contacts. However a company may also designate incoming calls from prospective customers as inside sales. In addition, a company may outsource its inside sales duties to a third-party instead of conducting sales in-house.

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Re: Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales

#6 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Sun May 25, 2014 12:58 pm

sales are always sales... .
Most of the companies feel that field sales are more effective than the insides sales. But in the present situations inside sales also more efficient if follow up these four factors in proper way.

Improvement in web and video conference:-
Multi-media conferencing tools that combine images, presentations, demos and video of participants is getting closer to recreating the “we’re here together live” experience of outside sales. It’s allowing participants to see each other, use non-verbal communication signals, and keep prospects engaged during presentations.

Social media profiles: - social media and social profiles are very important for sales process is to understand what are customer and its helps to build relationships.

Work life balance:-
Inside sales will be useful for junior reps. outside sales reps are increasingly tired of being on the road and away from their families. These reps want to stay in sales, continue earning high commissions, but do so without nearly the same level of travel. They’re being employed by companies that are leveraging their sales skills, experience and expertise while still allowing them to be home for dinner.

Buyer behavior & preferences
As seller, we may prefer to have the face-to-face meetings. And historically, our buyers wanted that too. But more often, buyers don’t want that level of commitment. They’re busier than ever, and are just as good having a quick call or video conference vs. an in-person meeting. It feels faster and more flexible, and the same business and outcomes result at the end.

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Re: Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales

#7 Postby Nakul123 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:56 am

Outside sales and Inside sales both are totally different from each other in my opinion .

Outside sales is for those who have stated there career ,so that they can talk to different people and no the response of the people by surveying the market because when you go out then you understand that everyone have their own thoughts to express them , so that the person who is going to survey the market he can have better understanding and can tell after that coming back to office to his Manager or teammates that i have gone for outside sales and their i have got many answer and many suggestion from the customer to whom i have visited . So going for a Outside sales then you can definitely understand that what are the plus points and minus points in our product ….

Inside sales in totally different for outside sales because in Inside sales you only contact your customer through landline or mobile .So you cannot judge that the person you are talking is correct or not because you are only talking to him and he is new to you so only buy talking you don’t have the clarity that the product you are selling to a person is that person correct prospective or not .

Ex : Outside sales is for that product which the company wants to have everywhere ,like FMCG people who are in sales do Outside sales to promote their brand to the customer that we have this product also in market and customer can buy that product
Ex : Outside sales is for that in which you can sell telephonically your product to the customer ex, is Fundoodata product in which the sales person do not go outside they do inside sales through phones they do cold calls and all .

So this is the difference between Outside sales and Inside sales..

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Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales

#8 Postby shreya » Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:27 am

~~ :arrow: Outside Sales
A job in outside sales generally suits self-starters. If you work better independently than with a set schedule and team, this may be the field for you. Also be aware that as an outside salesperson... :| :|
A person have to Manage his Own Schedule: He will be responsible for making and keeping his appointments. He will also be responsible for reminding his client to meet with him. One delayed or canceled appointment can offset the entire day, as the person must often travel to meet with his customer.
His Workplace Changes Daily: Regardless of the weather, traffic delays or car troubles, person have to be resourceful, motivated and dedicated enough to travel to his appointments. Person have to be able to adapt to new environments and people easily.

You Are Your Own Daily Supervisor: No matter who your boss is, you need to look after yourself to ensure you stay focused. Outside-sales jobs may be more prone to distractions than inside-sales jobs, because you don't have anyone looking over your shoulder.

:arrow: Inside Sales
If you prefer working a set amount of hours per day in an office, you may be better suited for inside sales. Just remember that as an inside salesperson:

You need to be on-calls... :roll:
Your Product is Your Word: You should also be able to obtain new business on cold calls, without having a physical prototype of the product you're selling, where applicable, or a visual to further explain the product. You need to be articulate on the phone and be able to give the customer a good enough description of the product to gain his business.
You Work in an Office: Your workplace is a definitive place you visit daily; you don't have to travel to meet with clients. Working in an office may entail office politics and collaborations with peers.

The Tools of Both Trades.. 8-)
Whether you choose inside sales or outside sales, the following tips will help you get your clients' business: :idea: :idea:

Know your product well.
Keep learning by attending conferences and studying your trade.
Be an ethical salesperson, and work to keep your customers loyal.
Hone your listening skills.
Keep a log of common customer questions and concerns, and develop solutions for these so you may respond to your customers on cue.
Learn how to manage your time effectively.
Learn from your peers and take advantage of networking opportunities..~~

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