Inside Sales-What ought to be done??

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Inside Sales-What ought to be done??

#1 Postby Manisha2304 » Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:55 pm

Since in inside sales we connect to the person remotely through calls, so there are some points that need to be keep in mind while selling.
1. Talk to the customer on phones and try to find out whether the person on the other side is interested in buying or not.
2. Try to listen what he is trying to say. It needs to be a 2-way communication. In a good communication one needs to listen more and speak less.
3. Don't take objection as a rejection. If a person are having some objections, it means he is taking some interest in your product. Real selling starts with customer's objection.
4. Closing is a natural outcome of your presentation.
5. Your relation with the customer is not over once a sale is done.Time to time a salesperson needs to check if the customer is happy with the services/products or not.

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