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Re: Inside Sales Salary

#1 Postby SMonga » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:02 am

" Salary is a big issue now-a-days to leave or to join at a new place..So when it comes to Inside Sales For how much salary one can think of..?? "

Hello ,

I am Shantanu , being a part of this discussion - I feel i can,t justify the answer as it is a matter and concern of the HR dept ,

But still,
Before i directly come to the answer of the question , i would like to seek your attention towards the term INSIDE SALES first of all.

Inside sales refers to the process of selling of product or service over the phone/chat/mail which requires regular followups, relationship building , phone etiquette's , mail etiquette's, patience, skill of judging the interest of the lead, conversion of lead , many more....

And i personally i feel selling over the phone/mail/chat is more difficult than selling face to face.

Doing Sales in today world with lots of information, awareness, knowledge, competition, available in market is not a easy task.
So if a person is able to convert a lead into a sale without spending much time and expenses of company, then company should not think of salary that much.

Salary is one of the most important motivating factor for a sales person , and obviously Incentives are also there. Salesperson is in sales field only because he is having more hunger and desire of money than people sitting in HR , Operations , and other dept, because sales is one of the most lucrative field these days.If a sales person is not satisfied with salary structure than management should look into it and see if there are any deficiencies.
And about fixing a salary , again i am not a concern person who can decide but i would like to say here - It should be motivating amount , so that sales person always feel energized for achieving his targets and justifying his salary.Also company should see the Educational Qualification, Experience , communication skills over all personality while fixing up a salary . i would also like to say that company should not differentiate the Inside sales person and a field person in fixing up the salary - they both are doing the hard work , they both have different capabilities and talent.


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Re: Inside Sales Salary

#2 Postby Nakul1234 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:04 pm

According to my opinion inside sales salary should be according to the employe qualification , work experience and the level for which he is coming . Company should not think that if employee is sitting in office so he / she should get less salary because all other expense are their for sitting cost in the company. No if you are in field job also then also the expenses are being their for field employee like petrol , mobile bill food expense etc....

So in my opinion the salary to inside sales employee should be given according to their level. Not according to their sitting cost in the company. So that if they get good salary they can be more motivated and can perform more for them self and for the company....

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Re: Inside Sales Salary

#3 Postby KaranL » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:03 am

Agreeing with the question Salary is really a big issue and when it comes to inside sales same applies here to.. To much of extent there are chances that employer may think that as the sales person has to be inside the company so his overheads expenses are next to zero and salary should be less..
But the actual situation is different as when we talk about about even the field sales, the salary component is made in such a way that there overheads expenses, i.e. of commuting, meals are taken care by company..

Also when we talk about today's circumstances, I believe that everyone would understand the inflation rates are at the peak and even the employees have to take care of many others dependent on him..
But along with this, I also understand that the employers also should the expected returns from the employees..

So the Salary structure should be in such a way, that the basic luxury which an individual deserves according to his education & experience should be met..

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Inside Sales Salary

#4 Postby padma » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:15 pm

Salary is a big issue now-a-days to leave or to join at a new place..So when it comes to Inside Sales For how much salary one can think of..??

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