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Re: Competition

#1 Postby Sourav1990 » Sun May 22, 2016 10:03 pm

Competition can be a boon for someone and can be a curse for other. Competition can help someone to bring out the best from themselves and excess pressure can cause to get tensed and not give their best.
Tough competition is not always a test of knowledge and skills but also a test of nerves and patience.

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Re: Competition

#2 Postby SNEHIL02 » Tue May 10, 2016 11:09 am

Competition plays a major role for the success or failure be it in the field of education or career. It is something which is increasing on a daily basis. Take an example of the education sector, everyday more and more students are applying for the same entrance and same goes for the job profiles as well. In case an organisation needs an auditor for which only only two places are vacant then minimum of 20 persons apply for the job. Then again everything has got its own advantages and disadvantages. The increasing competition has led some people to work hard and hard for days in order to achieve success and the same competition has led some people to take the wrong path. But in the end it's up to us that how do we take this competitive environment - for good or for bad.

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Re: Competition

#3 Postby Achinta22 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:22 am

Nowadays, competition is in every sphere of life. Competition improves the performance of an individual to accomplish the goals and targets. Every corporate have their competitors in market. To compete them, the quality, price and other factors are taken into consideration. The one who provide the best services can compete in long run and become the most successful person.

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Re: Competition

#4 Postby jayprakashimtn » Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:14 pm

Today every field is more competitive than it was before. Businesses are less wasteful and more productive, students have to compete harder for the limited number of seats by performing better, and various sports see long standing records broken by athletes who work harder and smarter every day. You can either see this competition as an underlying cause of problems such as stress, or simply a part of the process by which we strive to improve our daily lives.

If we look at the increasing competition in education, especially the competition for getting enrolled in elite institutes, at first glance it might seem that the trend is disturbing, in the way that students are being deprived of the opportunity to get education from the institutes of their choice if they are not in the top percentile, but at the same time this competition also promotes virtues such as consistency. Those who have performed throughout the entirety of their educational careers, get the opportunities to excel, over those who haven't. In the industry those firms that perform better through different cycles and evolve with changing times, survive while those that can't perish. It may seem cruel at first but we must also keep in mind that the seats available to students are limited, and resources available to businesses are scarce. If the businesses that do not evolve survive, and keep utilizing the resources of the society, then less resources will be left for efficient businesses. Competition is how our society distributes resources in the most effective way, for maximum utilization.

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Re: Competition

#5 Postby archanaimtn » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:08 pm

Competition helps to get out the best in you. It helps you to perform and continuously improve which ultimately helps a business to strive. We have competition everywhere. Today, the world has become a rat race where everyone is fighting to get that extra edge which can give them the top position.

Competition is something that brings out both best and worst side in you. With the continuous determination to improve one can bring wonders to their company but there are many examples which proves that unethical means take a toll to win the rat race. Money has become everything and the race today is not about how good the product or service is, but how much money the company is making. The winner of this race is one who strikes a perfect balance as he is who survives the race in the longer run.

A lot of innovations are a result of competition. Lets take the example of Apple and Samsung. These companies are competing with each other for years and bring out new products with the help of innovation. In the end, it is the consumer who is at profit because he gets the best product, with best features.

Thus, competition is very necessary in today’s world as it helps one to nurture their skill and work o bring out the best in them. It is this competition that will help them think in a new way that can bring about a difference.

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Re: Competition

#6 Postby Lal » Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:15 am

Competition is a very interesting word and it has gained importance in every walk of life. Nowadays people need to be very competitive to survive in a particular area. From large countries to a small entrepreneur in a village, all need to be competitive to grow in future. Competition is not bad for either of the party as it helps everyone to nurture their skills and gives birth to innovations. In business world it helps both companies as well as end consumers so competition should always be there to excel in every part of life.

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Re: Competition

#7 Postby sampritiimtn » Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:59 pm

Competition is a necessary part of the business.
Without competition there would be no reason to excel.
Competition prevents companies from determining prices.
Hence competition is extremely important for a business

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Re: Competition

#8 Postby aakash2620 » Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:37 pm

Competition will help you perform. It will make you work hard because you always want to be ahead of the others. You would always want that extra edge against you competitors and you need to work hard for it if you want to be among the best. Competition helps to take out the best in you. It will help us maintaining a benchmark and identify the areas for improvement.
Therefore, be it anywhere any field, Competition has a positive impact on performance.

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#9 Postby khyatiimtn » Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:08 pm

Competition means contest between an individual , organisation or society for achieving excellence. It gives the reason to work hard , strive for better and achieve greatness. Competition should be taken in a healthy manner & failure occurred should be taken as a learning. However if competition becomes hatred , anger and frustration then it's a harm to society. Competition should be taken in a right spirit. For example when team India lost against Australia in world cup 2015 ,it took it as a learning and reason to work more harder for the next world cup.
Hence to conclude with it is important to take competition in a right attitude so that level of greatness is achieved not just the numbers.

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Re: Competition

#10 Postby rachna » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:08 am

Competition is necessary in every field...Its not competition started now a days only.Its earlier also but at that time people just take it lightly or for a fun not for a burden.Now its been mandatory to be ahead of everyone as for own satisfaction and for others expectation too...Competition helps us to understand our self better and do better.Our body starts thinking in a different zone to get things done faster and better.Even Darwin life theory also support competition which says ''survival of the *''.
But competition should not come by a peer or family pressure.It should be naturally to lead you success.If its because of pressure so might be a chance it leads to depression.

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