Top Managers:Good Planners??

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Top Managers:Good Planners??

#1 Postby khyatiimtn » Mon May 25, 2015 10:16 pm

I personally believe that every manager needs to be a good planner. Manager is the one who is responsible for managing everything. He is responsible for predicting future outcomes and problems in advance. This is only possible if he is a good planner. Also to perform well in the current situation and to cater to the needs of the market manager needs to be an excellent planner to perform best and to keep the organisation on the top. Any top organisation differentiates in it's approach because of it's manager and his excellent planning to meet the future problems and also to meet the needs of the current market scenario

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Re: Top Managers:Good Planners??

#2 Postby jayprakashimtn » Wed May 06, 2015 4:50 pm

Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are the key dimensions of management. A manager has to be a good planner as it is the first and the most important function, which gives direction to all the other functions. Planning is assessing the current position of the department or the company. It's about asking where we are right now, followed by Where do we want to go? Planning requires managers to have extensive knowledge of the external forces that the firm cannot affect, internal forces under the control of the firm, knowledge about the competitors and knowledge about the customers. Without planning there is no management, hence being good at planning is essential for a manager.

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Re: Top Managers:Good Planners??

#3 Postby sanjayjha16 » Tue May 05, 2015 8:49 pm

Planning is essence of success. Failing to plan is plannig to fail. Plannig is about breaking big tasks into small small activities to be done at daily basis. Factoring into risks while identifying activities are important part of planning. Daily meticulous planning and immaculate execution leads to achieve great strategies.

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Top Managers:Good Planners??

#4 Postby khyatiimtn » Tue Apr 07, 2015 6:06 pm

For becoming successful and reaching ladder of success , one needs to be a complete planner so that everything is reached on time. It doesn't matter whether you are a manager , leader or a simple cobbler , for reaching a level of perfection one needs to be a good planner.
Talking primarily about manager , he has to manage the team. Manager needs to be articulate in his thoughts, good practitioner and smart in his actions. in order to be an expert and timely in his work he needs to be a good planner. Good planning helps in forecasting any future problems and also in mitigating them. Apart from this, good planning helps in keeping you ahead of others. Hence especially manager who has to manage his functions needs to be a good planner to be a perfectionist.

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Re: Top Managers:Good Planners??

#5 Postby sampritiimtn » Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:30 pm

Of course, they have to be.
One of the most important reason why they sit on those comfy chairs , behind closed doors and receive a big fat pay, is because they are state-of-the-art planners.
Planning your strategies right with respect to time, place and people can help your business grow by leaps and bounds.
Since most of the strategy formation, decision making and all those jargons that are synonymous with planning rests with the top management, they can be safely predicted as the best planners in the organization.

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Re: Top Managers:Good Planners??

#6 Postby shumila » Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:21 pm

And in your answer you quoted that casual apparel reflects casual/ Lazy attitude, so... you need to carry forward on this track... :!:

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Re: Top Managers:Good Planners??

#7 Postby pearl » Tue May 07, 2013 10:22 am

Yes..!! Top managers are good planners & decision makers...

These two big words 'Planner & decision maker' make them managers.. An individual with a combination of hard skills (work history, education, professional skills) and soft skills (communication, motivation, personality) can lead & create a team of good planners & as himself is leading, so is a good decision maker too.
Few below mentioned qualities which justifies top managers to be good planners, are..
Getting best numbers on board
Self motivated
Giving credits & taking blames
Short sacrifices for long term benefits
Taking the team as one

With some small steps of failure turning into big reward of success, make top managers a good planner & decision maker

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Re: Top Managers:Good Planners??

#8 Postby Shikha Gupta » Mon May 06, 2013 9:44 am

I think most of the top managers are always good planners and good decision makers because if someone is at top then they will be having these skills for sure...because due these qualities only they are now at this position.As everyone knows that to achieve a top position one has to work very hard and have to undergo lots of hardship and I think during this journey they had taken lots of decision which are good and lot of planning which was successful this is the reason they are here now.And always remember if someone is promoted at top level by his company or his boss so, this is just because of his or her way of work and his contribution towards the company which can be achieved only and only bye good strategy and good decisions.


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Top Managers:Good Planners??

#9 Postby padma » Thu May 02, 2013 9:46 am

Does top managers in India are good planners & decision makers..??

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