Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

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Shikha Gupta
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Re: Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

#11 Postby Shikha Gupta » Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:01 pm

In this era it is not possible for every one to get their dream job in one go but it doesnt means that they shouldn't love their current job.If they really have passion to get their dream job then in that case they have to work desperately in the current job so that one day they can get their dream job and which is only possible if they love the job in which they are...As by this job they are getting money, which can fulfill there needs,experience which matters a lot,contacts which will help in there rest of the life and all other facilities.In my opinion they should work in such a way with organisation in which they are, so that that job become the dream job of others and that company become the dream company of others... :P

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Re: Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

#12 Postby deepak » Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:05 am

No it is very rare what you think you get and not only in job it happens everywhere. therefore instead of getting dishearten on what you did not get, you should always feel happy and enjoy for what you have right now and this is what life is all about..

How can you love what you do.. you just start thinking whatever you are doing right now was you dream or your current job is your dream job and believe me you will start enjoying your work and you will become the happiest person.

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Re: Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

#13 Postby ashish » Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:05 am

In life no body gets all what he wants. Similarly many don't get the job they want to do. But one should remember that he might get some opportunity in future to his dream job or something even better. For this one has to continuously keep on developing his skills. Also it can make easier to get the best out of the present job.

If taken as a challenge, it can help in eliminating fear of various roles which otherwise one would generally not have opted for. Like if an introvert person enters in sales, he is left with no choice but to better his communication skills & build his network. This helps him become extrovert and in long term can provide some beautiful opportunities which otherwise he would have never landed.

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Re: Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

#14 Postby rachit » Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:58 am

Dreams are unlimited and desires are never ending, Concept of Dream Job is nothing but an illusion as we know grass is always greener from other side...People today are lacking one major trait which is "Enjoy Today..Kya pata kal ho na ho"
Yes I agree every one has different talent and different competencies and some time people do feel they are not doing justice to their talent. People should understand difference between Hobby and passion..Your hobby could be any thing don't ever leave that but your job should be your Passion.

If you are not passionate about your job develop it and once you are passionate about your job you will love it. Life is small you can not keep on hoping from one company to other in search of job satisfaction, you will have challenges in every job but it is your passion which will help you in overcoming those challenges.

Develop Passion, Enjoy every day every moment of your life and every job could be a dream job because you are loving it now.....

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Re: Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

#15 Postby avinash » Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:52 am

Hi Archit.. Would like to share my views on it..

What I think, there is nothing like a Dream job because dreams keep on changing, you are dreaming to get a chance to work with Golden Gates today.. once you will get it you may not find it that good after a time period, reasons may be different..

The most important question that you have asked is How to love your current job, here are some of the ways to do it..
-Find the significance in what you do.
-Concentrate on the task assigned to you.,
-Learn to relax.
-Try to have breaks regularly
-Keep your workplace good, healthy, and alive.

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Re: Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

#16 Postby prashant » Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:47 am

Yes one always has that Luxury of doing what he Love. But this requires understanding of "what you Love".

One should be clear about what he loves doing, for example a guy who loves playing guitar takes that as a profession..He'll Love his job, similarly someone who is fond of painting opt it as a profession then for him work becomes fun and he will have the luxury to chase his dream and love what he is doing.

Thus to Love what you do..you should have a strong fondness and interest in what you're doing.. :P

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Re: Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

#17 Postby KaranL » Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:44 am

No, always we don’t have this luxury to chase our dream, but even if we don’t get our dream job still we should be self motivated about anything we do during our job position...

We should love, what we do and we can do this by :

1) Making a friendly environment with our team ..
2) Always try to get maximum input from your manager and other seniors about how can we do better always ,and get praises from others ..
3) Always have a learning attitude that no matter I didn't got my Dream Job , still I will love this Job like it’s my dream job and gain maximum knowledge and give maximum positive results and be a part in generating Revenue for the company ..

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Dream JOB not in it.. how to love your current job

#18 Postby archit » Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:06 pm

People always say chase your dreams, do what you love..but do we always have this luxury? How can you love what you do..?

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