Melting Ice brings Norway closer to Asia

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Melting Ice brings Norway closer to Asia

#1 Postby Biyatris » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:12 am

The impact of Global warming has resulted in hauling Norway much closer to Asia which used to be further away from Asia.The travel time between the Japanese port of Yokohama and Hamburg in Germany has been cut by 40 per cent, while fuel expenditure is down by 20 per cent.It happens for the first time in history that a new ocean opening up in the high north will have a major impact on both trade and provision of energy.The volume of goods transported along the Northern Sea Route is likely to grow strongly in the coming years.The world's second-largest economy now plans to send its first commercial shipment along the northern route this summer.Between 5 to 15 percent of Chinese international trade could take this new road by 2020.In a 'fragile ecosystem' that is the source of immense worry among environmentalists, Russia plays a central role in assisting navigation with icebreakers. :ugeek:

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