Madhubani Painting - the real art of Mithila

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Madhubani Painting - the real art of Mithila

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Madhubani Painting also known as Mithila Painting is a natural style of painting originated from Mithila an eastern part of Bihar , India. The Madhubani style of painting depicts the association of life with the nature.
How did Madhubani Painting originate? Madhubani paintings were initially done by the women in Madhubani village of Mithila where Lordess Sita was born. The Mithila region is highly demarcated and well cultured region surrounded by the Ganga river and the Terai of Nepal, and between the Koshi and the Narayani tributaries. The painting was originally practiced on the floors and the walls of the hut , however as the time passed by they began carving the paintings on the papers , cloth and canvas. The Madhubani painting is done with the help of fingers , twig , brushes , nib-pens and matchsticks and is coloured with the help of natural dyes and pigments. The most eye catching element of Madhubani Painting is it's geometrical pattern.
The Madhubani painting basically revolves around the natural deities like sun and moon , the widely worshiped plant Tulsi along with some real scenes from Maithil weddings. The specialty of this painting is that none of the gap is left unfilled , every gap is filled with animals , flowers and birds.
Madhubani painting has five different styles namely Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, Nepali and Gobar. The initial three styles were basically done by the ladies of upper caste namely Brahmin and Kayastha. Through this they tried portraying about God and Goddess , however Godna and Gobar styles were practiced by ladies of lower castes. With the continous innovation and lots of creativity in the Madhubani painting , it has now become globally famous. People from across the borders buy this Madhubani painting. Recently, our Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi gifted Madhubani painting to the Lord Mayor of Hannover on his meet at Germany. This painting was designed by the 70 year old national award winning artist Smt.Bua Devi.
The significance of Madhubani painting is , it is considered auspicious for all the events of Maithil family namely their weddings , Upanayanam (thread ceremony) , Durga Pooja , Kali Pooja and many other important Hindu events.
Hence , to conclude with 'The Madhubani painting' is a symbol of purity & belief. It is the painting which through it's designs beautifies society and it's culture

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