Earth Day - celebrating the birth of mother earth

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Earth Day - celebrating the birth of mother earth

#1 Postby khyatiimtn » Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:40 pm

"The Earth does not belong to us, We belong to the mother Earth"
Earth day is an international event celebrated across the globe on 22nd April of every year. This day marks an importance in the annual calendar because it is held worldwide to show the support for
However it is important to understand that just one day celebration is not a solution to the different environmental problems we are facing & we are predicted to face in the coming future. There are four major environmental issues which are being faced by people globally. They are water, deforestation, curbing global warming & energy . Well , let us understand every issue in detail and possible ways of curbing these issues.

Water : For pursuing healthy and happy society we need to drink clean water , however this is not the case. More than 1/5th of the society is deprived of clean water & it is believed that numbers are going to increase with the rapid global warming. Due to continuous climatic changes lakes and oceans are drying up. Not just this much , but we are harming oceans to a great extent. We are treating oceans like a trash bins. Around 80% of plastics and wastes are thrown in the ocean. This is causing a severe harmful effects to our environment and our economy. The water species like seabirds , whales , turtles etc. are dying from choking & starvation. The toxic pollutants in terms of wastes and plastics are causing severe depletion to our environment. Also this is leading to ocean acidification thus leading to the death of various species. Hence , it is important that we conserve our environment & protect the species from depletion. So how do we do it ? Well , it is important that we do our share of work. Don't litter the wastage's in the water bodies. Encourage the producers to recycle the products to an extent possible so that it is re usable. Government can initiative some sort of incentives for encouraging recyclable packaging of products by producers , advocate 'Clean Water Act' in the society are few of the steps which can be taken for protecting environment.

Deforestation : It is believed that after every two second forest is facing deforestation , where an area of forest the size of a football pitch is lost to logging or destructive practices. Through continuous logging and mining we the humans are wiping out irreplaceable part of forest at a terrifying pace. We all know 1.6 million people depend on forest for their survival. Apart from the regular selfish human activities , forest is also facing severe climatic changes due to green house effect and leading to drastic depletion of forests and the species are continuously facing life threat. Hence if the trend cause we'll be left with no trees as a result it will be affecting several lives , causing droughts and forest fires. So how do we stop this? Well , we must stop cutting trees as the dead trees emit carbon resulting in increasing the global temperature and thus affecting forests. We must plant more and more trees and encourage initiative leading to the reduction in deforestation. As rightly quoted by Mahatma Gandhi "there is enough for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed. We should promote sustainability not just to foster the current need but also for the future generations.

Energy : The continuous depletion of oil and other fossil fuels , increase in the demand of population and the environmental issues pertaining to climatic changes are leading to the increase in the energy issues. The usage of dirty fuels are causing air pollution , water pollution , health issues , death of human beings and various other species across the globe. It is a peak time where we need to understand that if we don't conserve energy and protect environment , we'll be facing terrible environmental issues in the future. Therefore , we should encourage renewable sources of energy like wind energy , solar energy , biomass fuels , hydro power etc. for efficient & sustainable environment.

Global Warming : Rapid climatic change and drastic increase in the green house is affecting us in in diverse ways. Carbon dioxide and other pollutants are getting trapped in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun's heat and causing the planet to warm up Thus it is leading to the death of human and other species as it is increasing the risk of illness and taking us more closer to death. Hence it is of utmost importance that we curb this global warming which is affecting our lives & causing environmental issues. Therefore in order to curb the current problem we must promote more and more of environmental friendly technologies. For example technology that consumes lesser electricity and energies are utilized efficiently , modern power plant etc. Our main motive should be cutting pollution and conserving energy.

Hence to conclude with it is our responsibility to conserve our environment and protect our 'Mother Earth' because we need to remember one thing "we have not inherited the earth from our fathers , rather we are borrowing from our children". Join hands together for making our mother earth more sustainable and a beautiful place to live in not just for us but also for our future generations.

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