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The Google logo

#1 Postby rutujavrk1 » Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:25 pm

Ever wondered how the Google logo has grown into the current form? It's first ever form spelled 'BackRub' which was back in 1996, and from then on, it has not only reshaped it's mien but also remolded it's entire original name. Soon after it's birth, it was realized that 'BackRub' lacked the endurance and it was in 1997 that the present logo began to take shape. It went through n number of transitions from low laying to upright built, inclusion and then exclusion of the exclamation point, the designing of the two o's to show the infinite connection and global reach, changing the lettering colors, shadowing and de-shadowing and then finally moving to the more simpler form we see today. The current logo is a playful non-bulky masterpiece and has a deeper message to convey! It has the primary colors in a line which is then disrupted by a secondary color which symbolizes that 'Google doesn't play by the rules!'

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