Nawaz Sharif in Power -Will this help in improving Business?

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Nawaz Sharif in Power -Will this help in improving Business?

#1 Postby archit » Mon May 13, 2013 11:47 am

Nawaz Sharif is all set to become Prime minister in Pakistan..Indian politics has accepted this new development in a very positive way and ruling party Congress and opposition BJP have congratulated him on his success.

India and Pakistan need Business, jobs and development not war...Pakistan is facing huge brain drain problem because of lack of facilities and opportunities in their country No international brand want to invest heavily in Pakistan due to poor law and governance. Pakistan need political stability to provide conducive business environment.

If India and Pakistan work together to improve business trade it will be a win win situation for both as India can get huge advantage by getting Gas pipeline via Pakistan and Pakistan can import food articles from India..Both countries need to spend a lot on improving infrastructure and facilities to attract more and more investors but unfortunately a huge amount is spend on destructive activities.

Pakistan should learn from past mistakes, it is one of few countries in world who has strong backing from China and US..They should aim at strengthening Business relation with these countries rather spending on terrorism.

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