Is Excellence an attitude or a set of skills ...?

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Is Excellence an attitude or a set of skills ...?

#1 Postby Lal » Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:07 am

Excellence is something which everyone should strive for but what it is required to achieve is a million dollar question. To reach the level of excellence in any walk of life most probably discussion stops at attitude and skills: these are the two things where people differ. Some would say it is an attitude and few would say it is a set of skills which is required to achieve excellence in any particular field. Generally excellence is a best way of doing any activity, to reach a level which seems not be achievable for others.
Now I would like to put some light on attitude and skills which is important to reach there. We can not negate completely the role of any of these, We need a set of basic skills in every profession to do good in that field. But I strongly feel to reach the level of excellence one needs to have a positive attitude and without that our potential and skills will be useless. We have so many examples where a person full of skills had to pay for the price of wrong attitude. I would like to put the example of Vinod Kambli who was the contemporary of batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar during the early days of their career. I have heard lot of cricketing expert saying that Vinod Kambli was more capable than Sachin but today to judge everything is in front of you. Now I would like to know your opinion on this topic....?

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