IPL And Sales Game of strategy

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IPL And Sales Game of strategy

#1 Postby archit » Sat May 11, 2013 12:10 pm

IPL and Sales both are game of Strategy and not of luck...We often see team batting second play under tremendous pressure and tend to loose matches..similarly in sales during month end sales professional are in tremendous pressure and tend to loose sales.

IPL is a game of strategy you have to attack some bowler, defend some shift your gears during match..similarly in sales every customer is different customer and should be tackle in different way.

When team chase asking rate of 8-9 per over they try to achieve 10-11 and loose wicket they don't think they will also have some over where they can score 20-24 runs, similarly in sales people don't work on daily and weekly target and from day 1 try to close big deals which take time.

People criticize Dhoni for dragging match to last ball and question his strategy but if you see stats he is most successful captain and win % is very high.. similarly in sales if you strategies who could be your prospect, who has buying potential, which company is in expansion mode your win % will increase.

Sales professional can learn a lot from Pepsi IPL 2013..all they need is open eyes and ears.

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