Facebook targeting small and medium businesses

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Facebook targeting small and medium businesses

#1 Postby jayprakashimtn » Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:35 pm

Facebook announced on Wednesday that presently there are about 40 million small business pages active on the platform. Last year the number stood at around 30 million, to encourage even more small businesses to create a Facebook page, it has also started Boost Your Business program and in addition to that it will offer an online chat platform to small businesses, so they can contact Facebook Ads specialists to get answers to their queries about Facebook advertising.

'Boost Your Business' will comprise of both half-day, and two hour pop up events focused on bringing small businesses together to share their learning and marketing strategies and tools. Live-chat option to assist businesses that advertise on Facebook will be launched in US, UK and Ireland now, and then it will be launched in other countries.

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