Children exposed to online Ads

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Children exposed to online Ads

#1 Postby jayprakashimtn » Mon May 18, 2015 10:24 am

Marketing to children has always been a sensitive issue. The practice is unethical because children don't know that they're being targeted, or that the information presented to them is not unbiased and completely true. They take the information presented to them at its face value and they can be manipulated very easily. The issue is gaining importance today as there are more mediums accessible to children, these mediums are used for advertising and it's not possible to monitor them all. Children nowadays have access to internet through tablets and cellphones. Through a variety of apps made for children many advertisers target children. YouTube Kids in addition to playing Ads before and after videos, was accused of pushing deceptive ads to children through official branded channels of companies such as McDonald's, Barbie and other products. There was lack of separation between content and advertisement . Even Amazon came under fire for using spots on shows that kids watch to air an advertisement showing kids using its Amazon Fire Phone.

Even on television one can often find advertisements that aim to draw attention of preteens. But should stricter laws and rules be formed when it comes to marketing aimed at children, or is it the responsibility of the parents to monitor the content their children are exposed to?

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