No Mobile Day

A day without mobile phone..Just implement it in your Life & see the Difference
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Re: No Mobile Day

#1 Postby aravi221 » Wed May 27, 2015 9:23 pm

This is a very sensible move on the part of fundoodata.
we all know about the harmful effects of mobile phones on human health.
There has also been incidents of death when the mobile battery bursts due to over charging.
so, let us all try to get rid of this device at least for one day every month.
I am sure that wpu;d make a great change in everyone's life.

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No Mobile Day

#2 Postby malyadbb » Mon May 25, 2015 11:57 pm

Wow! No “mobile” day.
I mean, are you even sure , what you are asking for?
Well maybe you are, its up on your blog.
Okay, lets say, it’s the 3rd Sunday of the month, u wake up in the morning, pretty late, after getting a long sleep.
Its Sunday, so you would wanna meet your boyfriend or girlfriend , and for those of you who are ( unfortunately) single, your friends.
But u got no phone, so what do u do? Show up at your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s door, to ask her out. She is already mad at you for not answering her calls since morning.
Consequences: A cancelled date, a broken heart, an angry girlfriend ready to devour you in her next meal.
Aren’t most of us really really more than depend on our cellphones? What say?

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