No Mobile Day

A day without mobile phone..Just implement it in your Life & see the Difference
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No Mobile Day

#1 Postby sid4191 » Mon May 25, 2015 11:48 pm

This is indeed a great initiative taken by Fundoodata. In this era of machines and gadgets we human beings have lost all our old habits. We don’t meet friends, instead we whatsapp, or call them at the most. This is taking away most of the sweetness and charm from all the kinds of relationships human beings are capable to building.
Not a good thing at all. I am very impressed with is initiative of no-mobile day-every 3rd Sunday of the month. I intend to personally follow this schedule. I’d also recommend this to as many people as I can. Who knows, the third Sunday of every month might turn out to be really interesting , your oldest of pals might show up at your door because you are not answering their calls or your whatsapp reads” last seen yesterday “for 12 consecutive hours. So, everybody out there, who reads this, please put your phones away for a day, and find out what comes next.

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