No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

A day without mobile phone..Just implement it in your Life & see the Difference
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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#1 Postby risubhibm » Wed May 20, 2015 10:45 pm

Is that even true?
I mean how on earth did that occur to someone?
"No Mobile day" is like a shocker to me.
Anyway, I couldn't find a more interesting topic to write on, after scanning through the entire list.
Actually, I am an analytics guy, do not know much about hardcore marketing. But this topic caught my eye in a jiffy.
Mobiles are more than just being devices these days.
We are crippled without it's presence.
U r in a new city, and all that you have is an envelope with an address imprinted on it, and you have to be there for a meeting within the next coupe of hours, who do you turn to?
Your phone.
You are feeling extremely bored in a sunday afternoon, you feel like going out with your girlfriend, who do you turn to?
Your phone.
Work or leisure, whatever you need your phone no matter what.
So, according to my opinion, "no mobile day "is a strict no-no

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#2 Postby mausumidatta123 » Wed May 13, 2015 10:06 am

Oh my God! Sounds like an impossibility, doesn't it?
as i was going through through the topics to pick one to write one, this particular statement struck me, and i knew it in my mind that this is the one I'll write on.
No Mobile day is a sheer impossible event in the lives of men and women in this era.
These little beasts have sucked us so much into them that we find it difficult to part ourselves from them. I remember my professor in college, he used to say , " please put that little organ of your body in your bag, before I start my lecture'.
Such is the influence of mobiles on us, human beings today.
But I second this initiative of Fundoodata, "no mobile day, every third sunday of the month". Its rather interesting.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#3 Postby shubhamgupta12 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:04 pm

Well i must say that this is a very good initiative.
But lets take up few scenarios to judge what can be the consequences of this No Mobile Day.

1) Lets say its the third sunday and you are out with your loved ones and they are lost in the crowd by mistake. how difficult to find them out?
2) Lets say you have an opportunity knocking on your door (an interview call) and you are not available.
3) Some mishap happens near you but you are not having your mobile. what then ?
4) some critical case happens in your family and you are not reachable on your mobile.

Yes there are a lot more scenarios that can be brought up but for now to take this No Mobile Day up lot of precautions needs to be taken up :) :) .
Think about it!

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#4 Postby nkSinha » Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:28 pm

It is a very good initiative which all the companies should take up. People have become so busy with their gadgets and more than that so used to it that they have forgotten the world besides that. It has become more of on addiction than necessity.
So, I feel it’s a very good step to bring about a change.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#5 Postby aranib » Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:37 pm

How many times has it happened that you go out and suddenly realise you aren't carrying your mobile phone? And suddenly, no matter how important an errand you set out on, you have this urge to rush back and collect your phone. This is just an instance of how deep mobile phones have been incorporated in our life. It has become like a vital organ for us. In our childhood, we wouldn't even dream about a cordless phone, let alone a mobile phone. Today, they are all but a child's play. One may never argue that technology has been a blessing to mankind, but have we grown too much dependant on it? Have we not succumbed to a robotic lifestyle where our social outreach is measured by the number of friends we have on Facebook or the number of likes we garner on our profile pictures or the number of times our tweets are re-tweeted on Twitter? Have we forgotten to make actual tangible relationships with people? Surely one might argue that technology has made communication easy and brought distant people closer. BUt doesn't it strip us of our humanity a bit? We tend to delve on the virtual more than the real, to make use of emoticons instead of emotions, to "poke" a person rather than meet with him/her. All this has made us lose sight of the bigger picture of what life is about. Would you not like to receive a handwritten letter from a near one rather than an email? I know I would. So lets san technology for a change for one day. Lets forget our phones at home and be like we were as children. Go out, meet with friends, and not be interrupted by constant pings and notifications and missed calls. Lets be free for a change. Lets live a "No Mobile Day"!

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#6 Postby sampritiimtn » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:20 pm

Every third Sunday of the month- " No mobile day"
Sounds fascinating, isn't it??
Wait..let's stop for a moment and it actually possible?
I mean, look at you, when was it last you checked your phone?
Maybe after reading this you just looked at it again....
Moreover being a Sunday, it would sound all the more impossible staying without a phone. We feel so dead and lifeless when our phones run out of charge. Its like a fully functional vital of your body has broken down suddenly, putting your entire metabolism into unrest.
Such is the importance of mobile phones in our daily lives these days...
From the alarm we wake up to , to the last seen on whatsapp at around 2:26(say)a.m. , its our phone that we cling on to.
We fail to understand the strength of the attachment with this device because we are barely deprived of its company. Take it away, and you will know how closely knit are you with your little organ- " the cellphone"

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#7 Postby archanaimtn » Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:39 pm

“No mobile Day”, a wonderful initiative taken up indeed. But lets look at the other side, is it actually feasible? We all know what the harmful repercussions of using mobiles are, but has that stopped us from using it less? Rather, it has made us more addicted and more dependent on it. From morning alarms to internet surfing, mobile phones have made our lives easier yet dangerous. The medical concerns that have evolved due to excessive use of mobile phones need to be urgently taken care of. Therefore such an initiative has become a necessity rather than just another activity.

Being traditional is something we should take up again. In this tech savvy environment, our work revolves around gadgets and internet. The ‘No Mobile Day’ activity will take us to the world which we’ve unknowingly left. Easier said than done, but its worth giving it a try. What if we realise the importance of what we have left behind and start loving them more? Lets just flip the coin and give it a shot.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#8 Postby priyank344 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:04 am

In 19th century, what did normal human do just after wake up in morning? Might be praying to god for giving just other day to live and do something different and commendable which he will cherish throughout his life. In 20th Century, what does normal human do just after wake up in morning? Any guess? It's not your story or mine. It's our story. Peeping into cell phone and looking for anything new on (5 inch) cell phone display. Isn't it? I would say the most ridiculous way of starting a day. But that's the reality and we need to live with it in this era of IoT and Social Media. Indeed mobile has made our life quite simpler right from morning alarm to stuffs like banking where you needed to be there in ques for hours to make a single transaction. Mobile specially smartphones are boon for today's civilization. Mobile has given power in hands of common man. But as we know power comes with responsibility and it's responsibility of common man to use it wisely. We also know every coin has two sides and we must have look on flip side of it. Really Mobile has made our life very simple but it also made our life equally difficult. We have observed increase in number of accidents due to use of mobiles while driving. Parent gifts smartphone to their children as a teaching aid but we all know how much distraction it makes in life of student. Social Apps like Watsapp and Facebook are need of today's youth. We know the person sitting 10000 miles away but we don't know the person sitting just beside us. Isn't it strange? And the list might go on. Indeed No mobile day is really a good initiative which might remind us how we used to be when mobile phones were not there in our hand and let us behave in a way we were without mobile. Most importantly it will help us in checking our patience level. I support No Mobile Day Initiative.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#9 Postby ashish14siom » Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:37 pm

Hai everyone, 'no mobile day', when I first saw this my reaction is "OMG! how can I survive that day". But while thinking over it for a while, I found that it is really some thing cool and I felt like that it is the need of the hour. Today mobiles especially smartphones become a part of our body, so important to us that we actually started being over dependent on it.
If we see the evolution of mobiles, at first mobiles are only used to call others . Later came the era of messages (sms) which stayed for quite a long time. And then came the era of smart phones. People started using it for texting, gaming, learning, cooking and for almost every thing there is an app. Yes this all felt so good, thanks to technology.
But till recently when vizag was hit by cyclone Hudhudh, I dint realise what we are actually missing. During that cyclone all the networks are down, even no power for almost 4 days. No mobiles , no televisions, no laptops and nothing is there for these 4 days. People were out of their virtual mobile world and started talking with each other, children talking wìth their parents, office going men had nothing to do except spending time with their family and even People came out their houses in the evenings and had long chats with their neighbours. Then I realised the cons of the so called virtual connectivity.
So, finally what I am going to say is that no mobile day is really a cool initiative that every one should fallow according to their convenience, it need not to be a one particular day. It would really help us by giving mental peace and time to spend with our close ones in the real world.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#10 Postby sonal123 » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:26 am

No mobile day is a good initiative by but it is not practical at all.In today's life mobile has become very important component, without mobile it would be difficult to spend a single day.
Most of us use internet on mobile which is very handy not always we use desktop and laptops for using it.So i think yes it is a good initiative but not everyone will join it but we can try to do it. Lets try this month 3rd sunday to do this..

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