No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

A day without mobile phone..Just implement it in your Life & see the Difference
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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#31 Postby Ruchi » Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:48 am

In a technology driven age it can nearly impossible to function & survive without a cell phone. Being without a cell phone make you feel as if you have been cut off from your family & friends, and the events happening around the world.
Cell phone is the most popular technological product now a days, It is used by almost people of all ages and the easiest way to contact our friends, family, relatives or our colleagues. It is very very useful..
In my opinion if although cell phones shows us many advantages it also brings us some disadvantages also..
No doubt that cell phones makes our life easy.
First it is very easy to use and convenient.
It helps us to contact with people at anywhere over the world in a fastest way..
People use it to contact with their dear ones; ask for news or sharing doing business..
Most important cellphones is the most multifunction tool now a days. Its not just a cell phone but also a calculator, MP3 player, a hand handled computer because people use it for calling as well as arrange their schedule, Surf on the internet, check emails and so on…
Making call without cell phone use land line from home, office or from a public telephone booth.
Stop using text feature which keeps you hooked to your mobile.
Replace your cell phone with other physical object, Such as a note book make familiar with the weight or feel of a mobile.
However, all of us know that something can broadcast electro-magnatic wave really has some bad influence to our health, including cell phones.
Researches show that people using cell phones frequently have more risk to get ears & Fingers diseases like epilepsy, childless male and especially brain cancer.
A worrying fact is that a large number of people using cell phones are not considering the bad effect of cell phones, they using it frequently everyday & every time.
The conclusion is that although cell phones makes our life easier but it also affect our health badly. However it is very hard for us to not use cell phone but we have to consider the cons & pros of a cell phones. Therefore, we can use it in a right way to protect ourselves. There is nothing too bad, just the way we use it make it worse.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#32 Postby Namita » Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:13 am

Today mobile phone is inseparable thing in our day to day life. It has become very popular in the modern society. Just like every coin has two faces, same goes with the mobile technology. It has numerous advantages in the same manner various disadvantages also come with it.

Effects on Health - Using a lot of mobile phone can harm our brain, particularly teenager and children who are under 16 years old if they use mobile phones too much they will get bad effects like dizziness, blood-brain barrier, or ears problems. Moreover, “radiations emitted from the phone are dead harmful for the eardrum”, has been proved by many scientists. With the emergence of mobile phones another major problem which is coming out is losing good habits, such as punctuality.

And, what I feel that in the absence of a mobile phone a person can be a good planner and a good decision maker also.

So, its really a great initiative from Fundoodata & this sunday I will also be the one to join this.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#33 Postby Shivani » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:45 pm

NO Mobile Day..Could you go a whole day without your mobile phone? A thing which is really tough to think of and when it comes to implementation of the same its near to possible to go about it.But I also agree to the fact that various disadvantages also come with it.

It is true that in our day to day life mobile phones have become an integral part for most of us. The mobile of course enables us with the opportunity to stay close with the society, but it has also created various unwanted tantrums in our lives.

I remember a day when the battery of my phone was totally discharged. I could not use my phone for the whole day. It felt as if something is lost; no phone call, no internet, and no mobile games. Today so many functions are performed by our 5.5 inch mobile; from setting alarm clock to being used as a torch in darkness apart from its usual function of calling.

And the most important point for which I could not help laughing was that I could not recollect even one phone number of my relatives. Earlier when we had dialed up phones, we remembered almost all the important phone numbers but now latest mobile phones are rusting our memory.

Absence of mobile will make us a good planner and executor. Good events will go peacefully.

So, its really a great initiative to think about..& this 3rd Sunday I will definitely be the one to join this great activity..

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#34 Postby Kalpit » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:43 pm

No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

It is really a beautiful idea . thanks for bringing in this concept. I think all the users of mobile today have started feeling that let one day be just mine.. It should not be for others . It would be an amazing experience for all of us switching off the mobiles for one day..You know what will happen to all ..we shall have emptiness, insecurity surround us .. will feel unemployed...would not know what to do now ..

So lets try for one day and share your experience.For me - have got a taste when I left my mobile at office and went home .. Really scary first but after that it was a relief that no call - no mails - no message - no songs would be there

Today world is already in turmoil and lot of it we ourselves have generated ..If we see we are

1. Away from Nature
2. do not take care of health
3. Relationships becoming strained
4. No thinking for the society
5. Stopping the thinking & emotional brain & lot more

So one day let us be more human and be filled with warmth , love and effection with firstly self and then with family and friends.


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No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#35 Postby FundoodataSales » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:37 pm

Mobile phone have become an eternal part of our lives we can't even think anything without them.A paradigm shift started happening in the world of communication since the time mobile phones were launched in this world. Many human activities took a back seat because everything started falling in place with just one click.Today, India is considered to be a country with rapid mobile phone penetration. This is obviously because of the changing lifestyle.

But being a device of convenience it can also be a cause for various diseases..MOBILE phones can cause cancer and using one for just 17 minutes a day dramatically increases the risk, according to new research.

Fundoodata has taken a great initiative to celebrate Every 3rd Sunday of the month as NO Mobile Day...So, we urge all of you to be a part of this great activity.

Let's take a pledge then from this 3rd Sunday onwards we will celebrate No Mobile Day & will share the same with our Friends also.

Happy No Mobile Day..!!

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