No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

A day without mobile phone..Just implement it in your Life & see the Difference
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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#21 Postby Deepeshisbs » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:51 am

Today mobile phone is inseparable thing in our day to day life. It has become very popular in the modern society. Just like every coin has two faces, same goes with the mobile technology. It has numerous advantages in the same manner various disadvantages also come with it.

Effects on Health - Using a lot of mobile phone can harm our brain, particularly teenager and children who are under 16 years old if they use mobile phones too much they will get bad effects like dizziness, blood-brain barrier, or ears problems. Moreover, “radiations emitted from the phone are dead harmful for the eardrum”, has been proved by many scientists. With the emergence of mobile phones another major problem which is coming out is losing good habits, such as punctuality.

And, what I feel that in the absence of a mobile phone a person can be a good planner and a good decision maker also.

So, its really a great initiative from Fundoodata & this sunday I will also be the one to join this.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#22 Postby souravupadhyay » Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:31 pm

"Mom where is my phone?", the call of a kid to his mom who goes to school, is the most interesting and rather can say a common question that one can easily watch in a general day to day scenario. With advances from the first Motorola cell- phones to present day app- loaded phones the sophisticated life of a human being can easily be understood. With growth of MNC's in the Indian Market, the monopoly has not just come to an end, but has also added wide market competition to the Indian market. With such a breathless life one is cut short of the mental comfort which is indispensable for one to sustain in a healthy way in his life.
The art of living and all such programmes where meditation and methods imparting peace in one's life is taught, the main concern is to draw demarcation between office and personal life and to raise understanding between the physical and mental quotient that needs to be balanced.
So in a month of 30 days where comes 4 or sometimes 5 Sundays, getting oneself aloof from the buzzing of the office space is really important specially in the mid Sundays that is the third Sunday, so that one could clearly focus on his work and stress doesn't get piled on his/her corporate, social and personal life and the sync is maintained.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#23 Postby Deepanti123 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:33 am

If we take the example of our daily routine life its difficult to imagine life without mobile phones but yes this is a great idea to be without mobiles phones at least for one day even i have passed 3 days without mobiles phones in a course of "ART OF LIVING".It was a wonderful experience but there is some other side also Mobile phone is not only used for the welfare of humankind but also its misuse has serious effects on our society worldwide. Time and again, there are the reports that mobile phones are being misused by antisocial and miscreant elements to carry out their inhumane activities. Good or bad are the two sides of a coin, but it is up to the users, to make a best use of mobile phone.

So, every 3rd sunday will be a No Mobile Day for me..

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#24 Postby Shweta123 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:29 am

In our day to day life,mobile is become a necessity in our lives.No one can live without his/her mobile and children are mostly affected by this.So this is the good initiation that atleast there will be one day in a month when mobiles will not be used because due to continuous use of mobiles,it will harm our ears and it can also cause some harmful diseases like cancer etc..So there will be one day when we switch off our mobiles for the whole day and fully enjoy with family.

This Sunday, I am going to celebrate No Mobile Day..!!

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#25 Postby Jyoti » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:28 am

According to my point of view ,i think that there must be a day in which we should not use the mobile as there is not only any one reason ,there are various reasons like it causes the various health problems to us and it is one of the non biodegradable instrument that also pollutes the environment,so we must come together and make a day that is known as the NO MOBILE DAY.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#26 Postby Neha134 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:27 am

According to my view it's a good idea that we all should follow the no mobile day-every 3rd sunday of the month. because by doing this we can decrease some cons of mobile like-

Negative health effect
Increased stress level,
Bad effect on environment.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#27 Postby Meenu » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:26 am

It is very true that in today's scenario we can not live without mobile phones but the fact that it cause many type of harms and diseases is also true,
it is a good initiative and i am ready to not to use mobile phone on third sunday of every month.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#28 Postby rachna » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:04 am

No Mobile day - Unique idea & ready to accept it atleast for sundays..

Now a days, mobile has become necessity for human life like air,water...People can live without sleeping many days but not without mobiles..Actually mobiles has changed our life in a positive manner and vice versa..
In positive aspects :-
1.We can connect or reach anyone through this advance technology.
2.For meeting scheduling also its a best mode.
3.If we are busy and cant attend calls can connect through messages..
4.Its also called a mini computer..

Negative aspects:-
1.Due to this we are facing many health issues and relationship issues also..
2.We are stable at one places for the calls..thats why Idea had made an add also "Walk and talk".
3.Mobiles also radiate some harmful radiations which affects mind and body also..
4.Neck is also paining due to wrong Posture of mobile handling..
5.Mobile vibrations also affect heart...
6.People are using it in a wrong way also like for making MMS and blackmailing..

So atleast for sundays we can do this because sunday is a day to relax with family and for many more works..So say bye to phone on 3rd sunday atleast for your health because HEALTH IS WEALTH.

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#29 Postby Sakshi » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:00 am

i dont think its a good idea. because a cell phone is a ne­ces­sary com­pon­ent in a per­son’s every­day life es­pe­cially teen­agers. Without it, we’d all be im­pot­ent and lost.A cell phone has so many uses and it has end­less pos­sib­il­it­ies that have now grown to be a ne­ces­sary part of life for many people.Well if we took the cell phones away, people would not know what to do with them­selves. … what would you do if your phone was taken..........

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Re: No Mobile Day - Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#30 Postby Prerna123 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:58 am

No Mobile Day interesting topic to discuss in present time but today we are so much addicted with our phones that we cant live without them.It is a very important tool of our life and if we are thinking to switch off our phones for whole day its next to impossible. But we can live without mobile phones for some time not a whole day because it is very difficult to even think so how can we apply in our life's.

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