Nitish Kumar an arrogant CM : Narendra Modi

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Nitish Kumar an arrogant CM : Narendra Modi

#1 Postby Shivani » Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:41 pm

Today in an election rally Chattisgarh rally Narendra Modi called Nitish Kumar an arrogant Chief Minister..the Gujarat CM almost unpacked the complete box of accusations against his political rival, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.He also configured an image of Mr Kumar as an uncaring chief minister "whose body language suggested happiness" after last month's serial blasts in Patna which preceded a massive rally held by the BJP leader.

Mr Modi, who is the BJP's candidate for Prime Minister, was not harmed in those explosions. Six people were killed and 83 injured; the BJP has attributed the terror attack to the "gross criminal negligence" of Mr Kumar and his government.

The war between Mr.Kumar & BJP got started in June this year when he pulled the trigger on a 17-year alliance with the BJP over its decision to give Mr Modi the starring role in its campaign for the national election. After the Gujarat riots of 2002 in which more than 1,000 people were killed, Mr kumar distanced himself from Mr Modi, describing him as a polarizing leader.

While addressing his rally, the Gujarat CM also took aim at Rahul Gandhi and chided him for taking credit for the Food Security Act. “The sahzada is fooling people by taking credit for it; Chhattisgarh government was the first to introduce food security in the country,” he said.

Chattisgarh state has BJP's Govt...the BJP and chief minister Raman Singh has a third consecutive term in power. Mr Modi used a Naxal attack in the state in May in which several Senior Congress leaders were killed to compare and contrast the Chhattisgarh chief minister's performance to that of Mr Kumar's.

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