MODI- The one man brigade

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MODI- The one man brigade

#1 Postby pushkarp89 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:10 pm

It is very true that a team is composed of various members and each member plays an important role in its success and especially in a political party.
But it is also true that Narendra Modi has become an inspiration to all young. He has proved that if you have a dream and an honest approach to that goal then it does not matter what is your family background,and who is with you,you alone can find your way.
It was 60 long years after which BJP is able to be in power in the centre and this is all because of Modi.Iy is a kind of Modi's magic which has aroused all around India which consequently led to the defeat of well set congress.
What is there in Modi which others dont have. Is it only a humour or he is actually an artist who has created his image in the heart of the majority of the population.
Despite of many controversy,he stood and faced all the confrontations. He is not only an educated person but also has a traditional heart. According to him " being modern without compromising the tradition and culture for which India is greeted all over the world" is nothing but what the development is.
His strong feelings for his country and his religion makes him unique from the rest. He doesn't consider himself to be a ruler but wants to serve for his motherland. He has the ability to unite the crowd through his speeches which is very essential part in government-citizen relationship. Gujrat model is a leading example of all his efforts

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