Modi for PM announcement will be 'disaster' : LK Advani

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Modi for PM announcement will be 'disaster' : LK Advani

#1 Postby Shivani » Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:24 pm

Now, the decision of announcement of Mr.Narendra Modi as BJP prime ministerial candidate is under some doubt now..And this all is happening because of The internal conflict of opinion within the top leadership of the party which has not been resolved till now.

Although today, BJP president Rajnath Singh braved a legion of reporters today to announce that "there is no trouble within the party, we don't have a problem", and said that a decision on whether Narendra Modi will be the opposition's candidate for prime minister will be taken "after talking to everyone."While, so far efforts of Mr.Rajanth to convince Mr.Advani have resulted in diminishing returns. The party's senior-most leader, LK Advani told the BJP president yesterday that an announcement of Mr Modi as the BJP's presumptive prime minister will be a "disaster", according to some reports.

While RSS, wants Mr Modi's candidature to be announced urgently to cash in on his surging popularity among party workers.Mr Advani wants the party to wait till after elections in states like Delhi in November to decide on its role for Mr Modi.

Now, everything is on Mr.Rajnath's shoulders..Lets see what rest he has to covince Mr.Advani on this decision..

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